We are specialists in exam preparation for Scholarships to Private Schools, edutest scholarship practice test, Select Entry Accelerated Learning etc. Edutest. Format for year 6 and 7 exams. The Edutest format generally includes Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, Writing, and Numerical and Verbal. Practice with Sample Tests & Be Better Prepared for Your Exam! ACER and Edutest are the 2 leading testing bodies for scholarship and selective school.

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Opening Hours Monday 4: It is possible to repeat these tests, however the content will not change.

EduTest, Acer, and Academic Assessment Services Tests

We develop questions that help your child prepare for the following exams: No further details about the test are provided by Edutest or the school other than stating that the test format will be pravtice regularly and it will assess academic potential, literacy, scientific aptitude, mathematics and numeracy.

Your child should also have easy access to the place their details are stored in case you are not there when your child wishes to take the test. ACER example test results based on past students sitting scholarship.

Register or login to purchase and undertake practice tests.

Free Online Scholarship Practice Tests

It is important to understand that when sitting a scholarship or entrance test, most children will only get half of the questions correct. It is important to watch carefully for the dates of scholarship exams for any school in which you are interested. The tests relate to current year level at school eg if your child is in year 4 and is going to take a scholarship exam for entry into year 5, then they do the year 4 test.


Edutest example test results based on past ttests sitting scholarship. One practice test includes the following four sub-tests: ACER and Edutest are the 2 leading testing bodies for scholarship and selective school exams in Australia. We run weekend classes that focus on each aspect of the exams.

Duration is 30 minutes to answer 60 questions. There are 3 different practice tests per year level offered. Click here to find out more about our selective preparation program. Edutest Format for year 6 and 7 exams. Our tutors correct all homework testss address areas of weakness.

We hope you find the following information useful. Which must be completed each week in order for students to consolidate their understanding of key concepts.

However, prior to commencing each of our tests the administrator will go through three practice examples with the group, ensuring they have an understanding of what to expect. Entry is also available at later years testss the combination of an examination and other student ability, but is subject to change and varies between Melbourne High and MacRobertson Girls’ High.


EduTest – Educational Assessment Services for both schools and parents

We develop question according to subject matter e. Scholarship and Entrance testing information. Please choose carefully as no refunds are given. Online practice tests can only be purchased by practoce card. If considering private tuition, cost would be a factor and if you find the right tutor, they can help your daughter improve on her weak points.

How to Get a Private High School Scholarship

Guidance for parents Guidance on all facets of the entire scholarship process, from how to help their child to study effectively, to preparing them emotionally for the exam.

Multiple choice questions including mathematical tdsts and problem solving. Nossal High will take about students in its second year of enrolment in Test 1 is the lowest teste of difficulty, with Test 3 being the most challenging. To register please contact the school you are applying to and they will inform you of what you need to do.

All tests are multiple choice type questions. It is important to keep all your login details and passwords in a safe place. Search for a venue: