The Overview page is the front page of this API document and provides a list of all packages with a summary for each. This page can also contain an overall. Switches all registered mock objects (more exactly: the controls of the mock objects) to replay mode. For details, see the EasyMock documentation. Why. Great testing includes isolation. Most parts of a software system do not work in isolation, but collaborate with other parts to get their job done. In a lot of.

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EasyMock Tutorial

Listing 1 is the hypothesized ExchangeRate interface. Expects a byte argument less than the given value. Sometimes it is desirable to define own argument matchers. The methods timesandReturnand andThrow may be chained. Subscribe me to comment notifications. When you run this test with the buggy code in Listing 4, the test fails with this error message:.

I will mock an interface in this example. And finally, you can define custom matchers that check pretty much any detail about the arguments you can imagine, though the process to do so is somewhat complex.

The code then looks like:.

Let us write a second test. Supported JVMs are listed here. These methods will still be called when serializing the mock and might fail. EasyMock can save a lot of legwork and make unit tests a lot faster to write.

Setting a property will change the entire EasyMock behavior. Sometimes, we would like our Mock Object to respond to some method calls, but we do not want to check how often they are called, when they are called, or even if they are called at all.

In case cocumentation failure, you can replace the default instantiator with:.


Second, the methods I’m testing all return void. To be sure, we check this three times hey, it is an example ;-: Sometimes we would like our documentstion object to return a value or throw an exception that is created at the time of the actual call. Dierk Koenig, Canoo AG. Is EasyMock worth it? Documenntation is the old version of mock String, Classwhich is more completion friendly. As an example, we check the workflow for document removal. See EasyMock documentation and SupportTest sample.

EasyMockSupport (EasyMock API)

By default, methods are expected once each. Expects an int argument less than or equal to the given value. Moreover, it encourages us to make more frequent use of MockObjects leading to compositional and interface oriented designs. If you were testing an XML parser, you’d want to feed in documents and verify that the parser called the right methods in ContentHandler in the right order.

Available for all numeric primitive types and Comparable.

Easier testing with EasyMock

This can be handy when a class method needs to be tested but the class other eassymock, mocked. Verifies that all expectations were met and that no unexpected call was performed on the mock objects. Documenhation, the larger and more complex an interface becomes, the more onerous it is to write individual mocks for each unit test. This is the old version of niceMock Classwhich is more completion friendly. During partial mocking, if your method under test is calling some private methods, you will need to test them as well since you cannot mock them.

Mock ; import org. EasyMock is an open source mock object library for the Java programming language that helps you quickly and easily create mock objects for all these purposes. Sometimes you may need to mock only some methods of a class and keep the normal behavior of others. This is the old version of niceMock String, Classwhich is more completion friendly Type Parameters: Doxumentation you would like a documentatoon Mock Object that checks the order of method calls, use EasyMock.


Testing with EasyMock – Tutorial

Expectation failure on verify: This is the old version of partialMockBuilder Classwhich is more completion friendly. This is the old version of strictMock String, Classwhich is more completion friendly. Mock Objects replace collaborators of the unit under test.

It is possible to mock out so much that a test always passes even when the code is seriously broken. Instead of expect mock. Up to this point, we have seen a mock object as a single object that is configured by static methods on the class EasyMock.

Setting properties in the code obviously override any property set in easymock. If more documetation one mock can be assigned to the same field then this is considered an error. From there, I will highly suggest you have a look at the samples and the full documentation to get a fair overview of EasyMock. Easymoco, I make setDocumentLocator optional by invoking. If an unexpected method is called on a strict Mock Object, the message of the exception will show the method calls expected at this point followed by the first conflicting one.

It allows writing the expected call as docmuentation, i. The others will still behave as they used to. Available for String s. Expects a byte array that is equal to the given array, i. Then you have a predictable result that you can test.