Durbar – Kindle edition by Singh Tavleen. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking. Tavleen Singh’s is a racy memoir about a time long gone past. There is an element of bile in it too. But, in the realm of public memories, something is always . 19 Mar And Durbar by Tavleen Singh falls smack bang into the swirling vortex of innuendo, access and personal score settling that to most casual.

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More importantly nobody wants to look like a fool by correcting her on these “unimportant” stuff. Aug 03, Mani Kant rated it really liked it. Feb 18, Rahul Sharma rated it it was amazing.

There were more people than I had ever seen at a political rally. But, belying its hopes, the young leader chose for himself a group of advisors, friends and acolytes from the drawing rooms of Delhi, as inexperienced as him and just as unaware of the ground realities tavkeen a complex nation.

Narendra Modi may have xingh Gujarat astoundingly but the shadow of the riots never fails to tavleeb him. Mar 12, Sparji rated it really liked it. Ireland Women beat Sri Lanka Women by 8 wickets. She joined The Telegraph as a Special Correspondent in We will be happy to have you on board as a blogger, if you have the knack for writing. Hardcoverpages.

It was the n There is a reason Tavleen Singh is not taken seriously by a generation much older than mine. Now apply this to the larger states like Bihar or Madhya Pradesh and you will understand the enormity of this nation and the complexity that will face any government or central agency.

Durbar : An extremely interesting book

A pretty looking but oddly timed film, with not a single throwaway chuckle. India today has in one sense or the other become a hotbed for dynastic politics. He also served as a deputy prime minister of India and has been the leader of the opposition in the Indian Parliament.


This ignorance of our own political history is more than a shame, it is something durbr can take our whole country down with it. Views Read Edit View history. If this book disturbs you, and forces you to ask questions, instigates and fires in your mind a desire to do some more research, and understand that era much better, it will have achieved its core task.

View all 3 comments. But on the whole, a stirring story of two crucial decades peppered with illuminating anecdotes – the comparison of the durbars of the PM Morarji Desai, his deputy Charan Singh and of Indira Gandhi is morbidly funny Ms Singh paints a cruel but quite ddurbar true picture of the dangerous drift – aimless, or left, or right that has been the bane of India in the last few decades of the 20th century and has left an imprint on the present even as we advance well into the 21st, but doesn’t dutbar too many palliative prescriptions and also doesnt tsvleen much on the theme with whi Quite an incisive, provocative but well-thought out view of India in a crucial two decades and the way the nation has progressed sinhh or has not!

It is the almost casual attitude – one cannot call it the lack of compassion – the lightness with which the d Indians of my generation – specially in Tavlewn India can use this book to understand the events that shaped our lives and what caused them and what ails our country still.

The name even inspires Salman Rushdie to create a character in Satanic Verses. I think the events of 80’s and early 90’s turned me highly skeptical about the congress party due to their Dynasty politics and moved my political inclination degree from Left towards Right.

Book: Durbar – by Tavleen Singh – Guruprasad’s Portal

The crumbling of Rajiv’s tenure was entertaining but superficial, it being seen sijgh the bitterness of a friendship gone sour. I could not read and write Devanagri. The Emergency was a landmark event that set the course of the spiral of incidents that followed it: Gandhi, Bofors scandal and of course gossips of those times.


Then there are nuggets of remarkable chutzpah and bravery that pepper the book especially as she covers the conflict in the Punjab and her run-ins with Sant Bhindranwale which become increasingly horrifying and you realize that Singh, and many others, know that perhaps the only reason she remains alive is that she is a woman.

I knew very little Hindi during the first twenty years of my life that I spent in Sindh. Those pre-neoliberal, pre-satellite TV politicians had an intrigue and star-quality that any amount of trivia on them made us crave for more.

Just one, way too many people mentioned. Sycophancy and Congress have become synonymous now-a-days. But it was only when I shifted to Delhi in that I realised how English enjoys a higher social status even in independent India.

Durbar by Tavleen Singh

Interested in blogging for timesofindia. Also a couple or so howlers are annoying – Gen Kaul as the Indian army chief in ? Also See Udayan Mukherjee’s Dark Circles is a rewarding read, which soars in its exploration of mental health The Runaways book review: Read the full review on my blog. Popular Tags aap rahul-gandhi congress india demonetisation cricket bollywood arun-jaitley delhi us gst donald-trump pakistan narendra-modi china rbi tsvleen supreme-court arvind-kejriwal corruption economy gdp modi bjp featuredet.

One by one they rose to make long, boring speeches about their travails in jail. I loved the way she started the book, in which she explains the difference between people from her convent educated, affluent background, and the rest of the country.