MuseScore is a free musical notation program that has a free extension for drumline notation and playback. It’s a pretty solid piece of software, and it’s absolutely. A fun and electric medium-level drum cadence to get your band down that parade . This set of three cadences was designed for young drum line success. Download the sheet music to some grooving drum line cadences. Written for different ability levels. Several are freeā€”and all are fun!.

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We recommend this cadence for pretty much any drumline. This one has a unique intro as it starts off with a single caddnces drum and gradually adds the rest of the drumline. It is extremely popular in the southern United States and is played by hundreds, if not thousands of students every year.

This cadence should be accessible for an average college or good high school line. This cadence is a great one to play for lines that will be attempting to transition to Level 4 pieces in the near future.

This cadence is perfect for middle school drumlines that are looking for a fun and simple cadence to cadejces quickly.

Latrodectus is a cadence that sounds slow but is actually quite fast. Raven is a short basic cadence that is broken down into 3 cadenced sections in order for it to be learned quickly and efficiently. Earthquake is perfect for young drumlines and is a great first cadence for any group. The solos here are just examples.

Evans drum heads and Remo drum heads are great to use for marching percussion equipment. Drumlines are one of the most important aspects of a marching band.

A high school can also have fun with it by making the solos flashier and harder! Drumlines are one of the most important aspects of a marching band. Vomit Comet is a fun cadence for drumlines that are new to playing Level 2 pieces. Pearl drums, Dynasty drums, Tama drums, Mapex drums, and Ludwig drums cadencs all percussion companies that we greatly support as well. Having a metronome is very important. Laser implements the RLL sticking pattern which is a stepping stone on the path to more difficult rudiments.


For general hit patterns, see Drum beat. As long as the players listen in and pay attention to their sections as well as the rest of the line, You Do it will prove itself to be very stable and will a druumline that is sure to stick with drummers for many years. It’s difficulty level is just enough cadendes consider it a Level 3 cadence but doesn’t push the player too hard. Bass drum cadences are powerful and do not spoil the sound of the entire cadeences prior to the performance.

Minimum Instrumentation Recommended Instrumentation: Navigator is another one of our basic cadences. Overall, we want to keep these affordable and accessible for any drum line that wants to play them. This requires some control on accented singles, 6-stroke rolls, and syncopated 16th note rhythms. Navigator is a great one for younger groups or can be used as an easy second cadence for groups that are capable of playing a Level 2 Cadence.

This cadence has a little bit of old school mixed with a new school feel. Like “The Street Warrior”, this is also an easy cadence to learn and teach. Great for marching to and playing in the stands, this one is sure to make the crowd go wild! The key to being a good musician is practice. This cadence is great for drumlines who are trying to make the push to Level 4 Cadences but aren’t quite ready.

Imagine is a basic Level 2 Cadence that maintains a very fun to listen to groove that stays consistent throughout the entire cadence. This drum cadence is great for younger groups or for programs that are in need of a quick fun cadence.


The snare and tenors need to be able to play their flam rudiments. This is a fun cadence to march into the stadium with! They can be easy or difficult.

Drum cadence

Choosing the right drum stick is very important. This is an excellent cadence for football season. By Cassidy Byars Diagram Above: The double stroke roll is one of the only rudiments played in this piece. Generally speaking, the free ones have a simple structure and are just fun to play.

– Level 2 Cadences

Drum stick selection varies when it comes to choosing a pair for drum set or marching percussion instruments such as snare drum, tenors, or bass drums. This article relating to musical instruments is a stub. Click here to purchase. Having a marching band without a drumline leaves it incomplete. Writing your own music can help you dfumline a better musician.

Bumper is the easiest cadence in Street Beatz Pack 1. This cadence is full of beefy rudiment and rhythm sections, but still maintains lengthy groovey parts without drymline too technical. Retrieved 27 November Drum – Four Flams. It challenges new Level 2 players with new rhythms without being too overwhelimg.

– Level 1 Cadences

Cymbal selection for marching percussion drumlines is also a very important factor to consider. FX is one of the more difficult Level 2 Cadences. Smokestack is a great cadence to play when marching to or from the stadium.