“This is a wondrously thought-provoking book. Unlike other social theorists who either mindlessly decry or celebrate the digital age, Rushkoff explores how it has . Present Shock has ratings and reviews. Megan said: I should like Douglas Rushkoff. I have a feeling that in fact we agree over a great many thi. People spent the twentieth century obsessed with the future. We created technologies that would help connect us faster, gather news, map the planet, and .

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Preview — Present Shock by Douglas Rushkoff. While the ideas are intriguing, on the whole I found this to be the least developed, and perhaps least convincing, chapter in the book.

I think I was expecting something more succinct and cohesive, something that would help articulate why the increasing pace of life makes many of us increasingly uncomfortable, anxious, and unhappy. Read it Forward Read it first. Rushkoff examines four ryshkoff of life in the digitized twenty-first century. I lost a lot of steam as the book was winding down, although I must admit I was on a vacation where reading was a hard task to complete. Refresh and try again. With respect to what authorities?

Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now by Douglas Rushkoff

A good book along similar lines centered on decision making is Venkatesh Rao ‘s Tempo. Eventually though I couldn’t stomach how much attention was being paid to pseudoscientific blather.

I was halfway through reading about the second, digiphrenia, when I began to understand the first, narrative collapse. When you turn to the endnote and see that the next few pages concerning the man and his study are all based on personal conversations over a couple of months last year, you begin to doubt either the sincerity of the author or his ability to discern between legitimate endeavorers and cranks, between what matters and what doesn’t.


I cannot perfectly transition between the past and present when there is no forward thinking and no certainty as to where relationships stand as of now, too. Apr 18, Casey rated it really liked it Shelves: But we need to attend to the future before us and embrace the present in a more constructive way. What I most appreciated about this book is the many ways in which Rushkoff brings in elements of larger culture although he’s heaviest on corporate culture.

Present Shock

The measures we take to stay abreast of each minuscule rushkotf to the data stream notifications end up magnifying the relative importance of these blips to the real scheme of things. If criticism is visionary solutions are implicitly indicated from it.

He talks about the differences between time-keeping and timing what the ancient Greeks called chronos and kairos and distinguishes between ponds and streams, RAM and hard drive, storage and flow although like signal and noise, all of these probably depend at some level on viewing perspective and Rushkoff doesn’t really explore that.

So we have the futurism-presentism divide. One idea I found fascinating was the author’s observation that technology constantly overstimulates us with choices, and this transforms us into an unending role of decision making.

It’s mostly for more local and limited coordination. I have a feeling urshkoff in fact we agree over a great many things, and share many of the same concerns.

But Rushkoff’s argument becomes a little scrambled along the way and you are unsure of whether he is actually justifying the present shock and promoting collective thin Rushkoff’s “Present Shock” rushkorf describes the problems with attention deficit and the shift to an emphasis on the immediate.


Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now

To ask other readers questions about Present Shockplease sign up. The book aims to outline why Mr.

See all books by Douglas Rushkoff. Douglas Rushkoff is a widely known media critic and documentarian. And he handles each field cogently. Narrative is douglad more ad-hoc than it used to be. Only the individual can take action, only the community can absorb their impact over time.

Present Shock by Douglas Rushkoff | : Books

It’s better to draw our own conclusions I won’t actually claim that Present Shock is radical in that way, but let’s say it fits that format. How to choose an ISP or new camera amid the confusion of emphatic reviews? Dozens of websites and YouTube videos assert linkages and conspiracies from the use of weather balloons and the military, economy, natural disasters and jet emissions. Jul 21, Sherry rated it really liked it. Where future shock is something more like an escalating exasperation or dread fairly clearly defined by Toffler as rate of change increasing at a speed that threatens to surpass our physiological capacities to shocm it present shock is less of shock and more of a continual low-level unease.

The average person’s biological clock, without outside time cues, would lengthen to 25 hours. I found this argument thin and presumptuous.