Dohnanyi’s famous technical exercises will teach any aspiring student control over individual fingers as well as other techniques like thirds, fourths, sixths. My new teacher just gave me the first page of “Dohnanyi’s Essential Finger Exercises”. Boy, are they challenging. Of course, I like a challenge. 21 Jan The book is entitled Essential Finger Exercises for Obtaining a Sure Piano Technique by Ernő Dohnányi (). The author, a Hungarian.

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Do you usually like this style of music? So I thank you for asking that poignant question, and graciously defer to the teachers out there, and maestros, for guiding aspiring performers in the best style possible.

I just can’t raise it as high as the other fingers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact our sales team.

Hanon are good exercises – esp. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by exercisfs. Miscellaneous Pacific Islands U. My second teacher, years later, upon my mention of Hanon, reinforced that with “perhaps Czerny”, but I’d heard of Dohnyani and upon purchase getting his name and country right was told “these will make a man out of you! When we struggle to learn a challenging piano exercise, we are literally exercising the portions of the brain that transmit instructions to execises specific muscles whose actions are required.


Selected Studies 1 Piano. Here lies one of the hidden treasures of all finger exercises in dexterity and stamina. The inventions are very useful as well.

Makes you feel like you have NO control over your hand. If you like this post, please spread the joy! For those of you eexercises are curious – try this.

Dohnányi: Essential Finger Exercises – Online sheet music shop of Editio Musica Budapest

These exercises are intended to be a minimum set of technical exercises for a high level player to build and maintain technique. Don’t worry about trying to go fast. Avoid disclosing contact information email addresses, phone numbers, etc. I think that is largely a misnomer. However, I think these do help with finger independence.

How to Practice the Piano: Doh! Dohnányi | ARHtistic License

The same goes with the other finger combinations. Don’t laugh, but on the 1st page when I first started them I would hold down fingers with the other hand Just on left hand LOL.

I disagree that Czerny and Dihnanyi are time wasters. To create a music list, please sign in.


Essential Finger Exercises

My teacher recommended these exercises as he believed they were most efficient and effective, and I couldn’t agree with him more. This book also does well with Brahms Excercises! I realized after a few days I’d simply reinforced errors, forcing a piece I’d known for exercisex years to be learned as though from scratch.

This will train your ears. My digital products 0. Don’t worry, it will get easier. Schmitt also has exercises like this one. This also forced some rethinking but I found it came naturally, like a perspective, and exercizes made the whole fit better.

Essential Finger Exercises Piano 1869

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Do exercises help with memory? Turn off the memory to some extentthen look at the music, and rebuild it. Share on all your social media.

If someone finds it hard to move fingers, it’s because there is resistance somewhere in the mechanism that prevents the fingers from moving easily.