DOA IFTITAH ALLAAHU AKBAR KABIIROO WAL HAMDU LILLAAHI KATSIIROO WASUBHAANALLAAHI BUKRATAW WAASHIILAA. INNII WAJJAHTU. To be read after the takbiratul ihram, before the fatihah. Doa Iftitah Audio First Part ยท Doa Iftitah Audio Second Part. Do’a Iftitah. Hands above navel (belly-button ). DOA IFTITAH With Translation had 0 downloads in August Check historical downloads, installs, revenue, ranks, usage(mau, dau, retention), audience for.

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Whose beseecher is not rejected. TV Shows View all. Who starts the day.

Doa Iftitah APK

Verily, You guide whosoever You will to the Right Path. And the earth and its inhabitants shake and quiver. Who makes sustenance freely available.

We have noticed that you have an ad blocker enabled on your browser. Therefore, I sing His praises and recite His glorifications. And He gives me the largest part of the bounties, yet I do not show his gratitude. With a unique loyalty program, the Hungama rewards you for predefined action on our platform.

You become familiar with me but I do not care for You. We have receieved your request. And the choicest of Your created beings. In his awe-inspiring fear the heavens and its dwellers tremble and shiver; the earth and its inhabitants shake and quiver; the oceans and all that floats and swims in its waters flow together in excitement and tumult.


A temporary setback and I, out of ignorance, begin to despair.

So, listen, O All-hearer, to my words of praise. All praise be to Allah Who has no counsel to meddle with His operation of creation. All praise be to Allah Who creates but He is not created.

Those Imams are Your decisive arguments over Your servants.

Doa Iftitah

Please do send blessings to the truthful and pure Lady. All praise be to Allah, the Creator of all the created beings.

O Allah, give currency to Thy religion, and the way of life of Thy Prophet, through him till nothing which is just and genuine is kept concealed from any human being.

And Messengers and choicest people and those honored by You from among Your created beings.

I know no generous master who is more accommodating to dissatisfied servants that Thou art to me. And many a blossoming joys had He made available for me. So send blessings on Muhammad and on his family, jftitah help us to overcome this state of affairs at once. Praise be To Allah the owner of sovereignty, Who sets the course of the skies and the stars controls the winds, causes the daybreak, and administers authority, the Lord of the worlds.


And You have spread over me many of Your mercies. All praise be to Allah Who has no counsel to meddle with His operation of creation.

Dua Iftitah Ramadhan month nights

All praise be to Allah with full gratitude. Back to search Esc. Enter Ifitah Email ID. All praise be to Allah Whose screen cannot be penetrated. Please send me product announcements, helpful advice, and special promotions. All praise be to Allah Whose commandments are active in the creation and the praising of Whom is incumbent. And Your confidant, friend, and beloved intimate.

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