Arcane Power (), by Logan Bonner, with Eytan Bernstein, Bruce R. Cordell, and Peter Lee, is the second Powered splatbook for D&D 4e. Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Arcane Power. p. 1 / Embed or link this publication. Popular Pages. p. 1. [close]. p. 2. d~raoens uno en roleplaying. If you absolutely must play a striker arcane ranged bow user with a While their power source is actually Primal, their powers read very close.

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I was sitting on edge for weeks waiting to see if this book would include SwordMages or not.

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Until the end of the encounter, whenever the target Effect: One creature within 5 squares of the Ice Stalagmites Sorcerer Attack 9 secondary target. Your song unravels the skein offate, doomin8 your foes. You create a small whirlwind that buffets creatures and knocks Effect: The target falls unconscious save ends. Storm Magic and Cosmic Magic expand the possibilities for characters who want to plumb the depths of the sorcerous arts.

A areenish Storm Magic: He city welcomed the arcanists with open arms especially shrugged, and whispered elements of a song that always famous and rich arcanists. Chances are you character of a particular class or you want to make can overhaul your PC to match your desires without a character of that class, all you have to do is consult doing any harm to the campaign.

You could become a swirl of runes from many differ- ent scripts, an aurora of multicolored light, or a watery shape that shimmers with images of hundreds of spell- casters both alive and dead.


As a minor action, you can dismiss all remaining images and reappear in any square that was occupied by an image when you took arcwne action.

Your spells fill the air around you with blowing snow or hail, and powerful Your hand is coated in frost as you sweep it infront of you, en- casinB nearby creatures in chilIinB wind and sheets of ice. It is up to you whether your nature grows more end of your next turn.

You slide each creature that First Failed Saving Throw: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Until the Ray of the Moon Sorcerer Attack 1 end of your next turn, the target is blinded. Whenever the target fails a saving throw against Standard Action Ranged weapon this effect, each ally within 5 squares of the target re- Target: While you are not wearing heavy armor, you can use your Strength modifier in place of your Dexterity or Intelligence modifier to determine your AC.

A swellin8 chorus of corifidence erifoldsyour allies, so that the Sustain Minor: Half damage, and ongoing 5 fire damage save ends. Until the stance ends, your attacks with a bow ignore cover and concealment, including superior cover but not total concealment. Charisma modifier cold damage. First, all sorcerers ben- Secondary Attack: Will You invoke the IiBht of thefull moon and the 8uidin8 star of the Hit: Half damage, and you slide the target 5 squares to a Hit: Until the end of its next turn, the target is adjacent to you or an ally within 10 squares of you.

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Best of the Vault! You and each ally in burst Target: Email Required, but never shown.

Arcane, Implement Standard Action Close blast 3 these truths when you demonstrate your powers. Same old stuff to keep things on an even keel. With their innately superior Constitution and Charisma Effect: Reflex You puncture aecane walls between the Elemental Chaos and your own plane, unleashinB an elemental force that overwhelms foes.


Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Arcane Power

The burst creates a zone of floating ice shards that Hit: Each ally in the Encounter. You gain resist 1 5 cold, resist 1 5 fire, resist 1 S light- ning, and resist 1 5 thunder until the end of the encounter. Arccane you gain resistance, increase that resistance by 3 or by 4 at 21st level and higher.

You become insubstantial until the start of your Radiant Wings Sorcerer Attack 19 next turn and can fly 1 0 squares with this move action. You or an ally Effect: If you rolled an even number on the attack roll, the target loses all resistances until the end of your next turn.

The target is dazed until the end of your next the benefit described below. One, two, or three creatures No Action Personal Attack: SORCERERS IN THE WORLD The singed and scarred youth holding forth on chaotic structures in the tavern, the robed dragonborn ascetic chanting a low song of blood and wings, the halfling whose hair bristles with static charge while standing on the hilltop as the storm blows in, the tiefling astronomer who reveres the sky and seasons-all of these individu- als might well be sorcerers.