Before I started reading Andrew Holleran’s Dancer from the Dance, I felt protective of it. Its reputation made me feel that it was my duty to read it. That magical first summer in P-town, almost ten years ago, I also discovered Andrew Holleran’s Dancer from the Dance, a gay novel that was. Dancer from the Dance: A Novel [Andrew Holleran] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the most important works of gay literature, this.

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They were places where men could commit themselves to the worship of body, desire, and love. I am not a pity party. Though there had been a few largely unsuccessful attempts in the United States to change hearts, minds, and laws, to be gay would usually get a yhe fired, fined, jailed, or put under psychiatric care.

A nadrew when the world was okay as long as you were dancing and having a great time living in the moment. I also read the book with sadness. This was a hard one for me.

It was before the self-inflicted narcissism of cocaine. A time of youth. Brilliant; I feel like such an atypical and dissatisfied queer after this read.

There is no hilarity in this book. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. I don’t mean to say that because it’s written to shock, that makes it counterfeit or disingenuous.

The “dance” of the novel’s title becomes a metaphor for their lives.

Dancer from the Dance – Wikipedia

From Manhattan’s Everard Baths and after-hours discos to Fire Island’s deserted parks and lavish orgies, Malone looks high and low for meaningful companionship. It’s indulgent but the book is about indulgence. What was important was physical beauty. It is the ultimate display of the toxic paragon, and the subtle dabcer that can plague our existence.


It is that, very much so: Slowly, across the country, sexual minorities began to xance more and celebrate their difference, and many left former lives for large urban centers where they could be less alone. The person he finds is Sutherland, a campy quintessential queen — and one of the most memorable literary creations of contemporary fiction.

I used to have this history teacher. With Dancer from the DanceAndrew Holleran has written a story about an emerging gay community seeking to understand and celebrate what it is to desire and search for love as a gay man, and what it means to learn to love oneself as a sexual minority in a straight world. I should hardly think every gay person in New York City—allof them, if you take the statistics—are going to be insanely promiscuous and mad about sex.

Anthony Malone, a handsome, young gay man from Ohio, comes to seek the gay life of New York City in the s. That world was alien to me, but I shared the clubland belief in the redemptive power of dance and the enchantments of beauty female beauty, for I first read “Dancer From The Dance” long, long ago, in my days at New Haven.

A bold way to tell about an experience by giving you that experience on a different level. He had been a candidate for the Episcopalian priesthood, an artist, a socialite, a dealer, a kept-boy, a publisher, a film maker, and was now simply — Sutherland.

I will miss Sutherland and Malone and all of the other people that pass in and out of the chapters of this book. Thereafter, he becomes incredibly enamoured fro, a Puerto Rican man; however, their relationship sours and they become enemies. Some men even carried colored handkerchiefs in particular pockets to identify themselves to other gay men as gay and open to certain kinds of fdom.

Yet Dancer constantly conflates sex and love.

And yes, the characters are very well developed. Written just before the AIDS nightmare became reality.


DANCER FROM THE DANCE by Andrew Holleran | Kirkus Reviews

This book made a big impression on me. I enjoyed reading it again. But still, it is mildly irritating. I’d heard about this anvrew forever and finally got around to reading it.

Here is an image of the current paperback cover: Please provide an email address. But the marriage never happens, since Sutherland dies of an overdose and Malone disappears suicides? Sutherland is particularly charming, even though he luxuriates in a casual racism, couched conveniently in playful imperiousness, that is indicative of his superior breeding: Truly a stunning look into queer life.

Yes there was sex and in the 70s the mythical “everyone” straight and gay, danced the nights away. It’s not a romantic kind of hurt. This book has something that I value a great deal, and that is that it made frlm think.

Dancer from the Dance

Malone is always searching for meaning in his life, and so he gives up one life to start a new one, one dedicated to a singular purpose: Sep 16, Matthew Gallaway rated it it was amazing. May 31, Scott rated it it was ok. Feb 22, Jason Black rated it really liked it Shelves: It is why I didn’t give up, even when I started to struggle through the story. Men met behind bushes in parks at night, or behind unmarked doors leading into bars and clubs in urban areas. It tells the story of Malone, a young man who becomes a lawyer and lives alone until he finally comes out to himself and to Manhattan’s ‘s gay community.

Anthony Malone remains the beautiful gay man who is glamorous and tragic. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.