The Quantum Self demonstrates how developments in modern subatomic physics demand a radical reappraisal of our conventional model of personality. In The Quantum Self, Danah Zohar argues that the insights of modem physics can illuminate our understanding of everyday life — our relationships to ourselve.. . The Quantum Self. Human Nature and Consciousness Defined by the New Physics by Danah Zohar. Quill/William Morrow ISBN It’s hard to.

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As particles, we are static entities, but as waves we are particles that move in a field involving other particles and toward the whole. While we can measure wave properties, or particle properties, the exact properties of the duality must always elude any measurement we might hope to make. It is not an easy book, and not for those qhantum do not want to take the time to think and learn.

The Quantum Self: Human Nature and Consciousness Defined by the New Physics

Judaism understand both the interconnectedness of everything the oneness of the universe and the role of individual quanttum will. Consciousness and the Cat. Paperbackpages. We are individualized ego and relational wholes and here too we bump into the inherent tension between id and superego, and a Jungian struggle to find a harmony between the two.

Sep 14, Bob Nichols rated it really liked it. Instead of a motley conglomeration of tissue, heart, lungs, kidneys, etc. I really think, the author of this book should’ve taken that bit of advice.

Having learned more since then, I have shut up about quantum theory for fear that someone expose me as a hapless dabbler. It zphar packed full of wisdom and as book I re-read every few years. Beau Owens rated it really liked it Sep 24, Zohar wants us to drop ozhar particle side to focus on the Zen-like wave side, yet her argument at the beginning of the book does not split us up that way.


D buktinya, sepanjang isi buku ini, ngomong muter-muter, tapi intinya cuma beberapa: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

In trying to wrap my mind around the concepts of quantum physics, I became interested in if and how quantum physics informed my mind. Refresh and try again. Particle and wave are united by something transcendent so that a whole is more than the sum of its parts.

But what she really says is that waves, functioning thf a whole, govern particles. I became aware of this book when it was prominently displayed on a bookshelf in the office of a psychiatrist on a forgettable TV series. Also, while some individuals are more particle than a relational wave, Zohar does not talk about this point. Perhaps the mental is really a basic property of the material and vice versa.

One of the consequences of the Bose-Einstein condensate model is that the unity of consciousness will be affected by the amount of energy pumped into a system.

There was a time when everything in my life was quantum.

Our very thought exists as danaj chords sung by this multitudinous choral array. Zohar wrongly argues that evolution is about particles in motion, individuals, and not the relational whole that is her quantum consciousness. Marshall Snippet view – I went off and danaj other quantum related tomes. Had she spent more time studying Jewish mysticism she would have found more parallels to her work where we find the middle road is essential between the physical world and the spiritual world.

The Quantum Self by Danah Zohar, A Review by Bobby Matherne

Is there a subatomic wellspring from which our creativity, our empathy with others, and our feelings of unity with the inanimate world originate? It could be that, while cells operate quantumly as she says, our bodies and minds operate more or less linearly: Steven Pugmire rated it it was amazing Jun 08, Guiding us through the strange and fascinating workings of the subatomic realm to create a new model of human consciousness, the author addresses enduring philosophical questions.


A Quantum Mechanical Model of Consciousness. Others, in contrast, can interpret that prayer as a Nietzsche-like assertion of self, breaking away from the shackles of conformity, creating a self that is in harmony with itself. Alex Kardon rated it it was ok Apr 20, In this case, it might be the hope that we survive beyond death or a Jungian yearning to be part of a greater whole God as oneness or a transcendent tribe.

The second half can sound more like quantum metaphors than quantum explanations but there are many good references to Heidegger, Freud, Marx, Descartes, Plato and more. Her Cosmic Hussy selects, simultaneously, all of her possible suitors and lives out her life with each one, marrying, having children and grandchildren, before deciding which man she chooses to collapse her quantum wave function upon at the altar.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Wave-like consciousness relates us to others and the whole.

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