NORMA COVENIN (Review ). YEAR: Approved December 9, Reviewed March GENERAL REMARKS: The Norm is mandatory by law. COVENIN 82 seismic code and seismic risk analysis data were used to construct the response spectrum. Furthermore, the earthquake time duration. Mapa de zonificación sísmica para el Occidente de Venezuela, Norma Covenin En general, los valores predichos por la Norma para estas ciudades.

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The pattern of lateral seismic loads consist in increasing loads with height triangular distribution cpvenin in a monotonic way until the structure reaches its maximum capacity [ 20 ].

To study a seismic record for the dynamic analysis of a structural model parameterized to measure earthquake intensity.

Occurrence probabilityin 50 years. Any uses or copies of this document in whole or in part must include the author’s name. Finally, if the performance point is on the Quadrant IV, the structure does not has enough lateral strength and then the reinforcement technique must be FRP jacketing.

A more reliable and sophisticated method is the 2D no linear dynamic analysis, where it can be better determined the likely behavior of the building in response to the earthquake. Unbalanced loads are applied again until it can satisfy a convergence criterion.

Through the use covenln mathematical models and computational tools, seismic behavior of the building is obtained in a suitable way. The increases are applied until a predetermined displacement is reached or until the solution diverges. In order to know the seismic response of the studied building it were used analytical methods considering the seismic hazard level and structural regularity criteria.

Learn what derived works are clicking here. Assessment method The Quadrants Method is based on the results of the non-linear static analysis Pushover analysis. It provides continuous response of the structural system from elastic range until it reaches collapse.

RB and DBDB buildings reached drifts values below this limit, proving good seismic performance on both buildings; OB presented drifts values covdnin exceeded this limit. Artificial accelerograms Elastoplasticity Seismic analysis Shear buildings Structural dynamics.


The new stiffness obtained for each construction element is included in the new dynamic model which is used for the next modal analysis.

From dynamic analyses, there were determined global cofenin interstorey drifts of each frame from all three models studied. On the other hand, when designing in accordance to some seismic standards, the minimum base shear condition must be met when a dynamic analysis modal spectral is applied.

Seismic Evaluation of Low Rise RC Framed Building Designed According to Venezuelan Codes

This module was implemented in the If these structural elements have not been designed accordingly for this distribution, the forces can cause a fragile fracture, endangering the stability of the building, even leading to its collapse.

It were verified for each Limit State considered in this study. Obtain the cracking and progressive fracture states. While this procedure is applied, the strength of the structure is evaluated from it is balance internal conditions, updating at each step the tangent stiffness matrix.

Comparación de las normas sísmicas venezolana, Covenin by on Prezi

Three-dimensional dynamic analysis applied to RB building allowed determine that interstorey drifts values were under the threshold of the Limit States considered.

This way, the automatic generation of intermediate states option will be available to them. Rectorado II, Primer Piso. Seismic combination Node-columnDescription Max.

Help us write another book on this subject and reach those readers. The procedure to perform the dynamic analysis from the seismic signal is:. Thus, the sections of the structural elements of OB are insufficient to properly control the damage caused by seismic forces. Seismic action used hybrid accelerograms with spectral signals similar to the design spectrum characteristic of the Barquisimeto-Cabudare metropolitan zone in Lara State.

Then it is essential to continuously make progress and research in the field of earthquake engineering and upgrade the seismic design codes. The seismic action was managed in terms of response spectra and buildings were evaluated in terms of demand-capacity.


Figure 5 shows an example of the normalized capacity curve with the idealized bi-linear curve of Frame C of OB.

Acelerogramas artificiais de sismos aplicados a edificações.

The non-linear dynamic analyses provide a set of curves which are a graphical representation of the evolution of the drifts respect time. The maximum values of response are plotted against the intensity of seismic signal [ 21 – 22 ]. Despite the plan irregularity of the studied building, the Quadrants Method was suitably in order to predict that its lateral stiffness was not enough. The structures covenib modeled by incorporating the structural response when it incurs in the material and geometrical non-linear range, produced by high deformations caused by accidental excitations earthquakes [ 11 ].

If the performance point is on Quadrant III, the structure requires a more radical intervention, adding stiffness and lateral strength.

Both values are used to define two axes over the capacity curve, the elastic base shear defines dovenin horizontal axis and the damage threshold defines a vertical axis, then Capacity Curve is divided in four spaces or quadrants, see Figure 2. Dynamics analysis confirmed this 11756, then the cross sections of this building was resizing and details of the confinement were improved in order to meet the regulations of the current version of the Venezuelan seismic code.

Code implementation and improvements in its application Code regarding loads on structures. These are generated automatically depending on a fracture criterion which relates the damage suffered by an element with the relative displacement of coevnin ends.

The damage or fracture suffered by the element causes its stiffness to vary.

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