Alexander Frater is a travel writer with the London OBSERVER. Born in the South Pacific, he learned from his father to respect the volatile climatic changes of the. 20 May Frater, travel writer for the London Observer, follows India’s summer monsoon to the wettest place on Earth in this eccentric, sporadically. Alexander Russell Frater is a British-Australian travel writer and journalist. Alexander Frater Chasing the Monsoon () sees Frater follow the Monsoon in India. As a child his curiosity about India, and particularly its monsoon season, was.

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An affectionate romp through India as refreshing as a monsoon burst after the heat of summer. Jan 11, Raghu rated it liked it.

Chasing the Monsoon Summary

The first half of the book was really interesting as the author described the genesis of his journey and his start of following the monsoons.

It’s a romantic novel which makes you fall in love with the majesty of the rains. To me personally, they are a treasure trove of memories, associated with the various Junes that have been part of my life – childhood, college days, work – different places and different times. Along the way he is continuously trying to get permit to get into Cherrapunji, which was the wettest place on earth currently it is Mawsynram due to civil unrest.

Through it all, though, life does go on and there seems to be a hearty resilience in Indian people that helps them cope with misfortune.

It is interesting for the fact he doesn’t resort to repeating himself too much – I mean, it is a book about the monsoon, so yes he talks about that a lot You are commenting using your WordPress. The entire narration was so lively that the completion of the book left a sensation in me that I was his companion throughout the journey. Jul 09, Anjana Nambiar rated it really liked it. As a child his curiosity about India, and particularly its monsoon season, was sparked by his father – who often told stories about the country.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. During the process of pursuing this exciting journey, apart from describing the nature’s behavior the author also explored few interesting pre-indpendence events,the Indian bureaucracy in action, the perplexity of Indian life when viewed by an outsider.

Chasing the Monsoon Summary –

Starting at Kovalam all along the coast and where the westerly monsoon meets its counterpart in Cherrapunji. A very well researched book rich with facts and anecdotes from Frater’s wonder incducing journey of following the monsoon across India. A Modern Pilgrimage Through India.

Ayurveda, the Indian medicinal system, takes into account the impact of the monsoon on the psyche of a patient and pronounces treatment accordingly. Frater took a short break from journalism to write Beyond the Blue Horizon Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts.

Based on an interesting idea of following the significant annual phenomena of Indian weather, this book fratr portrays the beauty and the bitterness surrounding the Indian monsoon. So it was all the more enjoyable for me. Tales from the Torrid Zone: He covers adeptly all the drama, romance, sorrows, relief, and blessing that the monsoon brings to the Indian subcontinent – in many ways the monsoon is the very heart of the country. May 12, Nita rated it it was amazing.

It was difficult to finish the book. Naipaul’s ear for dialog and eye for telling little details, without the cynicism and bitterness. Apr 25, Hana rated it really liked it Shelves: Short stories full of magic, history, and malicious fairies. When the rains did arrive there was often great rejoicing with almost unofficial holidays in many parts of the country. Frater aims to follow the monsoon, staying sometimes behind it, sometimes in front of it, and everywhere watching the impact of this extraordinary phenomenon.

Goa was next, and again, personally interesting for me. One proclaimed, ‘The Alfonso is fratr. Frater detailed the great difficulties of officials in Calcutta in handling the floods brought about by the monsoon, and hinted at but didn’t go into detail about the massive floods in Bangladesh the rains often brought.


This is also a journey deep into Frater’s childhood – going to Cherrapunji was an unrealized dream of Frater’s missionary doctor father – a This is magnificent. And this journey was not the first and last for Frater.

Here’s a little taste: Sep 24, Sonia rated it really liked it. For 3 months in a year India experiences a unique phenomenon called the Monsoons. Alex has attempted to capture the vivid details of India and Indians but the depth required is missing. There was a problem adding your email address. So I picked this book with quite some interest. Throughout most of India, the onset of the monsoon rains, the “burst,” was eagerly anticipated, the arrival of life-giving rains and cooler weather celebrated for centuries in art, poetry, and song.

Classical Indian music has specific ragas associated with the monsoon to bring about the deluge of rain.

Frater has respect for the culture of India and he presents various rituals through the eye of an interested observer. The “monsoon cure,” ths could be anything from specific diets to being massaged in special oils to meditation with the onset of the rains, was big business, particularly in western India.

Half memoir, half travel diary, it is wonderfully paced. Without being judgemental or rude, the author has simply written about the challenges that he faced traveling the length and breadth of India to watch the rains arrive He discovers Ayurveda in Kerala and its impact during rains and how important rains are for the treatment.

The story is infused with occasional humour when the author tries to mix with people though some of the characters seem quite caricatured.

A fountain of dense black cloud came spiraling over the hills, then rose steeply into the sky. Other Book Industry Professional. This lady beside me is from Bangalore and we too have come to see the show!