Cartea pierduta a vrajitoarelor. Description Cartea vietii. About Title. Cartea vietii. AuthorDeborah Cartea vietii. For Later. Cartea pierdută a vrăjitoarelor. Deborah Harkness (born ) is an American scholar, novelist and wine enthusiast, best known as a historian and as the author of the All Souls Trilogy, which. Aura’s Book Blog: Cartea pierduta a vrajitoarelor de Deborah Harkness.

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Oh well, I’m sure it’s fine.

Deborah Harkness

Harkness is a professor of history and teaches European history and the history of science [4] at the University of Southern California. View all 58 comments. I can’t imagine wanting to read any further, though.

The most redeeming quality is the fact that half the settings are libraries. There were pages of this nonsense and vrajitoaelor action or danger did occur it was swiftly dealt within 5 pages so we could go back to characters having some idiotic conversations where they constantly quibbled over nothing in particular. I’m usually not Oh, god, this is part of a trilogy? Pages and pages are devoted to describing stilted, “romantic” conversations that fall flat, how Diana exercises, what she eats, vrajifoarelor wine they drink, how long she sleeps, what’s in her tea, how great their yoga class was, bla bla bla ad infinitum.

She tries to limit herself only to important things like fixing the washing machine to keep her apartment from flooding. I have been trying to think of another book I hated as much as this one – and am coming up blank.

There’s pages and pages of backstory and ‘cute’ banter and descriptions. The ‘villains’ in piervuta novel read about as nuanced vrajitoagelor intelligent as Captain Planet bad guys.

Deborah Harkness – Wikipedia

Or maybe that should be amended to read never judge a book by its marketing campaign. One in particular is Matthew, who also happens to be a vampire. Maybe I just went into this with too high of expectations because do you SEE that gorgeous cover.

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Ultimately, this book was a complete disappointment, which is a shame because it had such a good initial starting point. But, as I said before, this is a cleverly disguised vampire piegduta, so it’s not long before she’s taking an pieduta in the vampire man. I didn’t like the characters especially the Mary Sue MC who made zero sense and thought the writing wasn’t very impressive. A Harlequin romance posing as adult Twilight crap.

Books by Deborah Harkness. Don’t even get me started with the vampires in this book, I think Mathew’s mother is the only respectable vampire in the story, mostly pierdura she actually hunts to get herself fed and when she lost her husband, she went after her husband’s killers instead of crying and moaning like a weakling.

While the author is clearly a competent writer, lierduta storytelling needs a lot of polishing.

As I’ve said before, long sections of the story dwell on Matthew’s smelling like cloves. The story covers only about a month of time and I think I witnessed nearly everything Diana ate and drank during that month. The rest doesn’t get any better. I couldn’t put it down and then it became a chore to pick up.

And Groundhog Day ain’t shit without Bill Murray. The book started out promising. Can thing get even more boring than this!? And this is the start of a trilogy of novels.

Cartea pierdută a vrăjitoarelor by Deborah Harkness (1 star ratings)

I’m usually not such an asshole in my book reviews, but Jesus Christ, lady. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. The intellectual snobbery is almost accidental, in a way, because she clearly expects readers to have the same amount of knowledge on these topics as she does.

The Mary Sue alarm bells were ringing nonstop when I read those 10 pages. In order to provide you with the cartea pierduta a vrajitoarelor level of security to your vehi- cle, this system is equipped with selectable manual careta circuitry. Everyday low prices and free.


I heard the characters are going back in time. We’re told that she isn’t able to do magic and then she does magic. I get the feeling that this novel was supposed to be about a bigger, non-romantic thing.

But what kind of idiot would do this when she lived in a world where vampires, witches and demons are hiding among human society in an uneasy peace? This deserves a foul: It’s at this point the book begins to derail completely. I truly carttea know how this novel is getting so many rave reviews!


I’m serious, instead of actual plot developmentthe book is filled with descriptions of every meal Diana had, every trip to the library, her excise routines, her dinner date with the vampire, her yoga classes. The main character went to yoga, ate a lot of meals, drank a lot of wine, rowed, went to the library and made out with a vampire. But seriously, if they didn’t happen to hate each other so much, there would be no ‘forbidden’ romance between Diana the witch and Matthew the vampire.

Vampires, witches, and daemons aren’t like you and me–in fact, our lives are carrea more interesting than theirs. Download Amos tutorial video: The whole thing reads like the OCD notes of particularly dull stalker. Harkness, were you being paid by the word or something? Yes, I can say there were very similar elements from Twilight, but for me it doesn’t make the book better.