By Searching has 62 ratings and 8 reviews. Lance said: J.B. Phillips paraphrases Hebrews ,3, Let us not lay over and over again the foundation truths. Isobel Selina Miller Kuhn, born Isobel Selina Miller, aka, “Belle” (December 17, – March .. By Searching: My Journey Through Doubt Into Faith. Identification of Work By Searching, My Journey Through Doubt Into Faith, was written by Isobel Kuhn and published in by Moody Publishers. Summary of .

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I met him one morning at the entrance of the university.

Occasionally I had wondered about it, but had always searchijg sharply conscious of that old taunt, “You do this, or believe this, because your papa told you so. I have claimed this verse through the years and it has been fulfilled to me. It was my father, moaning in his sleep in the next room. A girl looks her nicest at twenty-one or two.

What does a young girl like you want to mope in the house for on such a lovely evening? That same iisobel number was still on and Les was still standing at the foot of the staircase where I had left him. Is there any Christian in Vancouver or here whom you can trust to be unprejudiced and yet godly enough to discern such a matter and be able to advise you?

Ships from Reno, NV. I saw clearly that here was a scholar who knew both sides of the argument. At last she got up and fell to her knees, asking God the cause. Here was a real gentleman who would never stoop to nasty remarks about an opponent.


I had led Marion A—— astray. It’s so inane teaching spelling and arithmetic. It was a twisting labyrinth to me, but finally we turned into a path, drew up among tall fir trees, and there was dear Mrs. Penned by Joy Tuesday, July 05, Greener Books Ltd Condition: Stock photos may not look exactly like the book. I went several times, but was frankly bored, so dropped it.

By Searching : Isobel Kuhn :

He reached out to her, ending years of searching, and building her up for decades of fruitful missionary service with her husband, John Kuhn, in China. What had happened to me, that the Lord seemed no longer real? And, watching the quiet radiance of his face, I instinctively knew that here was a man who had personal experience with God.

Maybe it was a certain lonely, wistful look in his eyes.


This book is the story of the first 26 years of that life. If she says yes, I’ll phone you and you make the appointment for me. Would you object to my going to a phrenologist tonight to have my head read? This was no instance of mind acting upon matter, for the ouhn had held no faith at all.

It was October isobbel,Isobel sailed on a passenger ship out of Vancouver to China.

George was a good friend of mine and engaged to a girl called Martha. At the time I had no clear indication that it was the foreign field He wanted.


Isobel Miller Kuhn

The door-bell ring produced other lights, then the door was opened by Mrs. Bekah rated it it sezrching amazing Feb 02, Peter and Rachel Reynolds Published: And you’d never be happy with a lower ideal of marriage.

I could hardly believe my eyes that he would have dared to do such a thing—it was like slapping my face publicly. God called him to go to these people with searcing Gospel.

The Genesis explanation of life’s origin?

Young people think married life should be all moonlight and thrills, and they balk when they find themselves on the level stretches of plain, ordinary working together, which actually are the real life and backbone of a home. He had been such a dear, kind father to me all my life. Her radiance, rippling laugh of joy, and overflowing hospitality was something to cuddle down into.

Don was introduced and invited in, but he declined and said good-by—and I found myself in the sitting room alone with my hostess. Jack was one of the sailors, but very seacrhing to counsel.