Teradata BTEQ – Learn Teradata in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with LABEL − Assigns a label to a set of SQL commands. Bteq Commands. 1) LOGON: The first command to perform the database operations generally has four parameters, 1. TDPID 2. User ID 3. BTEQ commands in Teradata provide great flexibility. They can be to the DBC/ – BTEQ commands may be executed in a DBC/SQL macro by using the.

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Password not matched, Please try again! This allows BTEQ a great deal of flexibility in formatting data, creating.

Use constants to specify index column contents whenever possible, instead of specifying the constant once, and joining the comands. BTEQ outputs a report format, where Queryman outputs data in a format more like a. Asts Training 14 July at Please note that Value ordered secondary index can be created only as NUSI and supports date, int,decimal up to 4 bytes.

It will enable you to print the total time of a specified request. Make sure you are joining columns that have same data types to avoid translation!!!! Pauses BTEQ processing for a specified period of time. Displays a row of dash characters whenever the value of a specified column changes. In this situation, a query specifying a PI value, but no value for the partitioning column, must look in each partition for that value, instead of positioning directly to the first row for the PI value.


A group of tables, each contains a subset of the keys of the index of an original table. How can i know the tables for which the collect commanvs has been done? This is a line. Specifies the width of screen displays and printed reports, in characters per line.

Teradata Material: BTEQ

This provides faster access to the duplicated data, but requires more update time. Assign severity levels to particular error numbers. The Pwd for your userid. Case 2 – P. If you want to disable this option then. Display a row of dash characters before each report commmands summarized by a WITH clause.

Basic BTEQ commands | Nag Raju –

Secondary index is not compatible with fastload as there is overhead for fastload on duplicate secondary index checking with subtable creation Drop SI before doing fastload on that table and then recreate them, 2.

However, these two tables cannot be queried. This section is based on Teradata documentation for the current release. Table data could be exported Bteq, Fastexport to a unix file, and updated, and then reloaded into the table Bteq, fastload, Multiload. Replaces all consecutively repeated values with all-blank character strings. This is one of the longest processing queriesCare should be taken to see that stats tbeq collected on these columns Tip 2: Way 2 is used to see the immediate execution of the supplied.


This is very much true since secondary index is concept when it comes to handy when others doesn’t! To split full name into first name and last name to be inserted into Target table. It is beneficial to collect stats on Partition column. End the current session or sessions, but do not exit BTEQ.

A Data Warehouse Enhances Data Quality and Consistency A data warehouse implementation includes the conversion of data from bheq source systems into a common format.

Tera-Tom’s 1000 page e-Book on Teradata by Tera-Tom Coffing

Hence this leads to inconsistent results 6. By adding a row in the dimension that has -1 as its surrogate key, those fact table rows with -1 in the dimension key field will fall into the unassigned bucket.

BTEQ jobs from batch scripts, have error checking and conditional logic, and allow for the. Ejects a page whenever the value for one or more commandx columns changes.