When it comes to disconnecting BSNL connection be it your broadband, landline, WiMAX or mobile, things will get easier for people like you. Alas, I have to go to the exchange with a letter and a form!!! Update: I . ( Disconnect BSNL connection: Surrender your Broadband, Landline and wimax). BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED. [Website: ]. APPLICATION FORM FOR CLOSURE /SURRENDER OF TELEPHONE. 1. Name of the.

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My Land line Number: If time is the criteria for customer, I recommend disconnecting the line rather than wasting any more time with BSNL.

Unlike standing in a long queue to pay bills or reserve train tickets in the pre-internet era, we can now perform most of the tasks online. In online portal it shows that a credit of in my account minus They officers are not interested in rectifying the deficiency in services. I have allready surrendered my bsnl broad band connection but receiving bill for that what surgender do now?

Download BSNL Broadband Cancellation Form Online In PDF

They all respond that they are from BSNL. Till today I have not received details of revised bills. If you already have a registered account, sign in and head to next step.

For example, you can gift yourselves a dress, pay electricity bills, or get a new landline connection just by a few clicks using the internet.

With a view to simplify and offer customer friendly services, more than one Bfone connections can be applied on a single application form. What caller wants to convey and Chennai Telephones identity is not known? I had landline of bsnl connection.


How to Surrender and Close Your BSNL Landline and Broadband Connection?

These forms can be downloaded and used. Next call came again. Thanks Kindly mail me above mailing address.

However, you can change your cookie settings at any time. It is beyond description the amount I have suffered since BSNL installed a land line and internet modem at my house.

She does not discuss any subject. I was literally running from Pillar to Post for these despite having surrendered one as long back as !

They only like to talk over phone and never replies by mail, as their incompetence is proved. Tuesday, September 27, Worst service ever in India…. In my case, I have given surrender request on 1st Nov. Receipet was deposited with sdo with request to convert land line in to wll as land line was no more in the town.

5 Simple Steps to Disconnect BSNL Broadband and Landline Services Online

Either the server is down or the cable from my house to the telephone pole is broken because there are almost 10 joints or the modem is not functioning and has to be changed. First of all first call got disconnected without talking. They will only ask whether it is working now.

Surrrender must log in to post a comment. I frequently write new articles that also cover several other aspects of personal finance including credit cardsfinancial goalshealth insuranceincome taxlife insurancemutual fundsretirement planningand much more. Cancelling the connection, the line will be almost dead 5 days in a week and every week end i have raise the complaint and get it resolved.


5 Simple Steps to Disconnect BSNL Broadband and Landline Services Online – Gizbot News

Nomination form for Telephone connection The telephone shall be transferred in the name of the nominee or the security deposit shall be refunded to the nominee in case of Death of Telephone owner. To, General Manager, B. Every time the man comes to repair or even see the problem i become a little poorer. I m one among the affected customer. Today, we’ll show you how to disconnect BSNL broadband and landline services online.

I n our endeavor to improve Customer friendly telecom services, application forms for New Regular Telephone Connection, Temporary Telephone Connection, Shifting of Telephones and Add-on Facilities have been simplified. I frequently update this blog to cover various topics on personal finance such as investment strategiesfinancial products that you should buy and ones that you really should stay away from, financial calculatorsemerging themes such as early retirement and financial independenceand much more.

It is Kovilambakkam Exchange, If anyone can do something about it please do…. I have been using B. Come after one week… What the hellll…………………………………………………………………… Really fed up…….