Eagle Scout candidates must use the official Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, No. , as produced by the Boy Scouts of America. The official fillable. Fill Online. Excellent reviews. Form Popularity eagle scout project pdf form. Get, Create, Make and Sign eagle scout service project workbook pdf. Fill Online. Eagle Scout Candidates; Nomination Forms for Awards for Eagle Scouts; Self Nomination Awards for Eagle Eagle Service Project Workbook (For Mac Users).

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If possible, the reference form should be completed by telephone so that it can be shared with the balance of the committee. The failure of a unit leader or unit committee to sign an application may be considered by the board of review in determining the qualification of the Eagle candidate.

According to the rules, a candidate must carry this workbook on regular basis, including while attending all the meetings of the program. We cannot grant or deny time extensions. When reviewing the project for approval, the unit and district advancement committee is responsible for socut that the described project will allow the Eagle Scout candidate to demonstrate the proper level of leadership.

Contact References for Application. See Guide to Advancement Eagle Scout Rank Application No. They are to be sent back to the council service center.

Views Page Discussion View source History. As a courtesy to the board of review members, confidential reference letters are requested by the unit leader or designee on behalf of the Eagle candidate from these references. Complete All Requirements by Age This represents more than 1.


This workbook must be used in meeting this requirement. The Eagle Scout ealge is a life-long achievement that’s always carried a special significance. After the review, the candidate and his unit leader leave the room while the board members discuss the acceptability of the candidate as an Eagle Scout. Notice of approval is given by sending the Eagle Scout certificate to the local council.

Because of the unique nature of this award, special procedures, forms, and resources are available to help the Scout, their families, and Scout leaders on the trail to Eagle. As you begin the next step in your journey, please review the following, paying particular attention to the time requirements and order of ewgle steps.

Signed Application is Submitted to Council.

Eagle Scout Service Project

The requirement for advancement is that the Scout participated in a Scoutmaster Conference, not that he “passes” the conference. If the candidate meets the requirements, he is asked to return and is informed that he will receive the board’s recommendation for the Eagle Scout rank.

Any item not meeting national standards will cause the application to be returned for more projevt. Please see the current Eagle Scout Application for prlject current list of required merit badges.

The unit committee reviews and approves the record of the Eagle candidate before the application is submitted to the local council. The Board of Review members should convene at least 30 minutes before the bot appears in order to review the application, reference checks, and leadership service project report.


The Eagle Award must not be sold or given to any unit until after the certificate is received by the council service center. Under no circumstances should a Board of Review be scheduled until the application is returned to the chairman of the Eagle Board of Review. Create this form in Five Minutes or Less!


The candidate shall not be required to make a follow-up contact with the reference or submit other reference names.

A discussion should be held with him as to how he may meet the requirements eagpe a given period. Candidate is Presented and Sits for Board. In no case should a relative or guardian of the candidate attend the review, even as a unit leader.

A Scout’s Guide to Earning Eagle

It contains 26 pages and can be easily filled with the required information. All statements and documents are subject to verification.

Immediately after the Board of Review and after the application has been appropriately signed, the application, the service project workbook, references, and a properly completed advancement report are returned to the council service center. The only line you may leave blank is employer if any. Eorkbook the Eagle credentials arrive, the local council service center will contact your Scoutmaster to pick them up.

The Eagle Award must not be sold or give to any unit until scoug the certificate is received by the council service center.