The Confession of Belhar (). 1. We believe in the triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who through Word and Spirit gathers, protects and cares for the. The Belhar Confession, drafted in by the Dutch Reformed Mission Church ( DRMC), has its roots in the struggle against apartheid in southern Africa. In this. 1 Jul should not adopt Belhar Confession. Commentary by Viola Larson, Naming His Grace blog, July 1, The th General Assembly will.

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Why the Belhar Should Not Be a Confession

Why or why not? But, you may say, we must leave justice to God. Stated Clerk Gradye Parsons explained to the assembly the ramifications of the vote that was about to be taken. Well done, Dr Cooper.

Unfortunately, budget cutting has also prevented the needed resources from reaching these successful drug courts, and waiting lists are getting longer. What public policies will encourage him to work, to not waste his money on alcohol, keep him from starving or freezing to death? In another setting it may be devastating. Those confessions–like the Belhar–are powerful but fallible reflections upon very particular historical challenges.

They suggest that Cofession have caved in to the “social gospel.

The Belhar Confession

What a beautiful time of celebration! I think yes, our life experience is the basis for much of our disagreement about policy and our approach to the confessions. That rather begs the question of what is merciful and just in any given situation – and there experience, judgment, and the leading of the Spirit may bring us to different conclusions. But yes, if I have the basic necessities and am able to serve the Lord, that is enough. Cooper’s repeated use of the term “progressive.


Reformed confessions of faith. PNR Thanks confrssion your well-reasoned response.

For example, unlike you, I have lived and worked as a legislative liaison in two states in which policymakers indeed preferred building prisons to providing resources for blhar and rehabilitation. As a firearm owner I asked myself what is being done to put up the best fight that can possibly be mounted for what will surely come.

The Belhar Confession | News24

Thirty-nine Articles Lambeth Articles. Also, confessions are to be points of unification, but the Belhar seems to be a rather divisive and behar statement – either you’re on one side confessiom the other and if you’re not for it, the implication is that you might be a racist. PNR Maybe one of the benefits of Belhar discussion will be a closer examination of your division of people into “the prudent” and “the imprudent. Will they stay in the CRC? This discourse has helped me — and perhaps others — from understanding some of that opposition.

We must bear in mind that the issue is not to prevent profit. If it becomes a confession, then all officebearers must subscribe to it unlike the ordination of women. We ought learn from that history and, while we might accept the Belhar’s objectives as our own, adopt our own means. The emphasis on private property stems from the notion that this is what God has entrusted to me, as opposed to another, just as some land was given to Benjamin and other land was given to Judah, and within that land, it was subdivided by clan and household.

Trackbacks […] reported earlier, Godfrey Betha, vice moderator of the Uniting Reformed Church of Southern Africa, was invited to addr…. They simply didn’t work in a 19thth century North American context. I have been pounding on this issue for several years, both locally and in the Banner, and glad to see Dr.


Connfession Belhar’s wording is not sufficient to rule out progressive theologies or to make its intended meaning clear. Then we would need a confession for every type of hatred. What does it say to other cconfession and to our brothers and sisters in South Africa if we do not adopt it? It binds us to a method that was necessary in South Africa, but could well be counter-productive in North America.

I will never forget this date. In every walk of life, there are people in positions of power, who abuse both position and power to satisfy base lusts and greed. The parable of the talents has, in English, become something about developing skills and abilities, but in the Greek it was plainly and baldly about money – investing it wisely in order to reap a profit.

Treatment costs money see your earlier comments abour profit in relation to investment in a medical education and if an unemployed person cannot afford treatment Suffice to say for the moment that a preference for less government involvement is not dependent upon Randian objectivism. In other words, the question of belharr attained by practical political policies frequently involves a certain trade-off in this world that is so far short of Heaven.

There was no doubt the gift of Belhar had finally been fully unwrapped. But what is it to me if God should entrust billions to another and only thousands to me? But even after that, will there still be sermons preached in the CRC on a failed contession Are we trying to ensure that we never affirm any statement that might establish common ground with those whose politics differ from our own?