This FAQ is a guide to the video game Battlecruiser AD (“Battlecruiser A.D.”). The text has been written for Battlecruiser AD version , the final. This is the final version of “Battlecruiser AD” (BC3K, sometimes To quote the v 3rd edition manual: “Nothing you do affects the grand scheme of things. Battlecruiser AD is a science fiction video game, noted for its long, troubled development . I pay for the cost of goods, including the boxes and manuals.”.

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Remember to transfer the cargo from the shuttle’s cargo hold to the ship’s cargo hold! Once the jump point is targeted, engage the autopilot. Tell me some history… below.

Battlecruiser Millennium (Gold Edition) for Windows () – MobyGames

We were unable to complete the product and, thus, the manual fell victim to vaporware. Occasionally collisions will throw your ship off at almost infinite speed. Before publisher Take-Two Interactive released Battlecruiser AD in Septemberit had generated one of the longest and largest flame wars in the history of Usenet. A beta version leaked out which reinforced the notion battleruiser development reality did not match the hype.

You will see real-time strategic information about activity in the region as if you were there yourself. March 23 February freeware v2. Shuttles operate in a similar way to interceptors, except they have no offensive capability.


Pressing Esc reveals the Command Palette. Go kill some enemies, take over star stations Back on the bridge, having selected the missile, you need to get a lock on the target. Go back to GalcomHQ and buy more goodies. If you leave the area, the pods battlecruixer. Fighter Intercept – 7.

It allows you to “prelock” targets for your missiles. Chances are, it’ll fix your specific problem. Earlier versions of Battlecruiser AD are similar to v2. Specialty items modify the base price downwards. Then when you’re close enough, computer will automatically launch the missiles when the target is in range.

It is not endorsed or authorised by the game’s developer or publishers; although Derek did say, “wow, that looks like a lotta work!

That consumes 1 medpack per attempt.

Those have extremely high amount of firepower. It’s VERY long but it’s worth it. It is impractical to realign the ship in this way whilst travelling or in battle. Further fine-tuning battlecruiaer generally only be required if the nuclear reactor becomes damaged.

You can re-dock with the station and let them work on it after the initial task is completed. Contributors are too numerous to list. You may also notice the rectangular boxed effect guiding you towards the target. You now have the shuttle in tow.


Or battllecruiser can tow the ship to a friendly base as well. The Command Palette is used to give specific orders to craft and units, including setting waypoints. If the person is too tired to move they won’t move. Dominion War, Driver, Warlords: Hunger level indicates how hungry a person is. When in first-person mode, you can use battpecruiser on yourself, as 2 are issued to everybody. Clears radiation from battlecfuiser deck following a radiation leak.

Don’t worry about it. You can cycle targets quickly usingand.

Battlecruiser 3000AD FAQ

Did the trading and such. And, of course we still haven’t used our interceptors – read on. Xtreme Carnage – 7.

You are paid a salary, but it will not cover your operating costs, and certainly won’t allow you to buy upgrades. You can see all available missiles in one list by selecting Weapons in the CVD bottom right. Once the first pod has been loaded, launch SH-2 and give that Cargosweep orders. Zoom to the southern-most zone of the three, “Mission Zone 9 Zone 10 “.

Add another waypoint, and change the orders at that waypoint to do the appropriate stuff probably “halt”.