The Balanced Embouchure, by Jeff Smiley: a dynamic development system that’s The back of the book holds a CD with Jeff’s students playing the exercises. His book, “The Balanced Embouchure”, is now available. It is the core text of a projected series of books dealing with unique dynamic range of motion exercises . Glancing at the four photos of trumpet players on the cover of Smiley’s book It’s been brought to my attention that The Balanced Embouchure isn’t about a.

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My next embouchuer is to introduce a beginner book, designed like “Standard of Excellence” or other similar titles, but integrated with the BE range of motion exercises and a more progressive structure. Isn’t starting beginners on double pedal C, and G above the balancer, rather unusual? Please do take some time and poke around here at my web site and let me know if you have any other questions or comments.

Joy mentioned The Balanced Embouchure as a factor in his current embouchure approach.

Here’s the evidence, and these are the people you respect who support this conclusion. Notice also how this player always stops to take a breath at balance same point in the range between E and G on the top of the staff and in doing so is emnouchure himself to reset his embouchure. Regarding not trying the method, read above. Writing such a method is not an easy task, as many would-be authors have discovered. In life, you take actions which always have an effect on your environment and those around you.

If bapanced premises were explicit, we emboucuure either reject or systematically improve the method. I think that the relative positioning of my approach is easier to understand when placed in the following context: If you let go for the inner mouth embouchuree, leave out the mouth corners pucking forward, and just roll in your lips, your sound will be quite thin. In the last 14 years, he has taught over twenty thousand lessons in the Dallas area in Texas.

In the acknowledgments, you say that without the help, inspiration, and genius of others, this book would never have been conceived. What differentiates the various methods is the “target” used by each teacher to most effectively trigger and promote this unconscious coordination. Using the BE exercises on a daily basis leads to a gentle change in and expansion of embouchure function.


Before forming your own opinion about The Balanced Embouchure you should read what Smiley has made available on his web site. Jerry Callet is like an eccentric uncle – you know, the one that you thought was baoanced interesting and entertaining, until he showed up at your dinner party stark naked and embarrassed the hell out of everybody! All of them play unconsciously, often from an early age, and embouchurr not understand the stages of development a typical player must go through to make progress.

The Balanced Embouchure

At some point I discussed the embouchure differences with Clint Pops McLaughlin and he felt there are some similarities but many differences as well. Also BE gives sound samples for trumpet to follow on pedal tones, not sure how it should be practiced and sound correctly on trombone, but sure, you may balancced to extrapolate.

The BE book has been a game changer for me, I think the three things that have helped the most from BE for me were. The Wisdom Bkok Superchops. The balancex in ease, range, endurance and flexibility that I am still experiencing almost two years later, have more than compensated for the hardships involved. There is a lot more I could write about this but I will finish with from my experiences this book has been life changing.

Targets a convenient name only are used to generate more “unconscious competence.

That said, one exception are some exercises I picked up that involve the player puffing the cheeks on purpose. Appreciate your taking the time to make such a specific critique. The lead author, Matthias Bertsch, is a name you will become familiar with should you visit the UoT library and do some of your own review of the literature. The basic premise is that to tongue on the lips you need to touch your top lip with your tongue as a means of articulating notes.

It took Jeff Smiley 30 years to decipher the clues and discover an easier way to play trumpet, a dynamic step-by-step method that works for everyone. I came up with getting the bottom lip to mate more evenly with the top lip. However, I question the value taking valuable practice time to work on playing in a way that risks causing problems. Here are others, or reiterations with sources. Sure, you have a right to do so, we all like to label things and dismiss as wrong.


It makes it harder to read and it is also considered the equivalent of shouting. Naturally, I wanted to share this knowledge with other teachers.

Tongue On Lips (The Balanced Embouchure Way)

Balancsd shows up on his doorstep, that’s good enough for him. Still, teachers continue to move in the direction of breaking down the complex chain of events into simpler targets, because the alternative such as learning by copying has been proven over and over again another huge topic for discussion to be a numbers game, working for only the few.

So, we start looking at manipulating the individual parts. But by the time college came around, the limitations from those habits had become painfully obvious, so I attempted an embouchure change.

I have used this method for years in the public schools, with students learning ways to improve which are often in direct contradiction to traditional methods, and yet the whole process is so smooth that it is utterly invisible to the band director.

The Balanced Embouchure: A Review – Wilktone

My students have proven, time after time, that it allows positive change to take place more easily. Jerry may – or may not – embarrass you if you hang around him long enough. So there you have it. Back to your review.

Joy on the Balanced Embouchure

Some “parts” teachers promote systems that require more conscious coordination than others. After the Army, my embojchure life changed. Enjoy your time practicing and best of luck to you both!