5 Aug This is not a book based “only” on emotional rhetoric or some serious research . While reading Avarana I had so many questions going inside my head. Firstly. 14 Jun Aavarana: The Veil | S.L. Bhyrappa. Blind faith. Let’s get this out of the way: Aavarana: The Veil is more an ideological treatise than classic. Read Aavarana The Veil book reviews & author details and more at Avarana was a fantastic read for me who is a product or a victim of the history.

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Book Review #1 – Aavarana by Dr. a

It is a way of knowing the world, a way booo giving meaning and value to the contents of life. I am sure I will read this one again in a few years, it is going in my perma It is apparent from the very beginning that this is a lofty book that makes you question the nuances of religions you see around you.

The author shows no mercy on the reader.

We either deny its existence or edit it out from the public eye. As a novel, it works at so many levels and Bhyrappa creates a time machine through which we learn about history and the present. He has trekked in the Alps, the Rockies, Andes and in Fujiama, but the Himalayas remain his greatest passion. I would highly recommend it! None of bpok was substantial enough to form an opinion. S L B is one of the best modern novelist which have his own style of narration which takes you all his books to real worldw Excellent story and Narration.

Mar 16, Akshay rated it it was amazing. Sahitya BhandaraBalepet, Bangalore. But even after being that, last book of Anantha was sold for copies.

ಆವರಣ [Aavarana]

It raises important questions on how we read history — as also on identity and intellectual traditions, on appeasement politics, on civilizational conflict — but only offers a far-right revisionist take as an alternative. A Hindu-Muslim couple, wife converting to Islam for marri Picked this on an impulse while travelling to Hampi, for I knew it has some relation with the place.

The description of demolishing of the temples, treatment of war slaves, tax system which was imposed on non believers is just painful. Needless to say this was one of the most controversial book ever written, however this novel went on to bokk a record in the Indian literary world by witnessing 10 reprints within five months of its release.


It is surprizing to know there are critizisms to the book when the views and facts in the book are backed by absolute reasonings and evidences. Standing up to the politically correct version of discourse is not easy. This novel demolishes this myth through the protagonists eyes with ample proofs from historical records and several historians.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This book is a must must read. Propaganda, by nature, is seductive; it feeds into half-baked concepts and beliefs to give them shape and brooks little opposition or questioning.

Oneindia Kannada in Kannada. We must acc The act of concealing truth in Sanskrit is called “Aavarana”!!!. What were the customs of them? One of Bhyrappa’s best books.

All within the first boo pages.

How did they treat people of their ilke? And she finds out that although Indian society has come a long way bok the centuries, it still remains as rigid as before. Progressive secular Professor, Brahmin by birth, married to an English Christian lady. This book also gives us great insights into slavery that existed in the times of Mughals, the eunuchs of the time and the way people were made into eunuchs to serve some specific needs of the kings. No one likes to admit that their religion has an unpleasant past or an unpleasant passage in its holy book.

Because those people like “Kaarnad”,”Chandrasekar kambar”,”Anantmurthy” are very boko highly educated they tell like that.

This is not against anyone or any religion, it speaks about an unbiased narration of history and acknowledging the mistakes and wrong afarana of the past. He has penned 24 novels and four volumes of literary criticism and books on aesthetics, social issues and culture.

While the glib liberal serves as a counterpoint to the questing Razia, the others — like Amir — are mean-minded caricatures drawn in to emphasize the agenda. This book also shows how the Marxist historians run the ecosystem and anyone who keeps opposite views is hounded.

We get to realize zvarana Mughal rule was not the paradise as it is widely touted to be, we also get to realize that many avraana the so called progressive people do have their own agenda, the Marxist historians of the country are exposed.


As the author states, “The reader too shares an equal responsibility with the author in his quest for truth” So much for the democracy of our country which stands by the motto: The protagonist Lakshmi is an intelligent, self confident and progressive Hindu woman who falls in love with a Muslim man named Amir, much against the wishes of her father, who disowns her from the family.

What she sees in Hampi disturbs her, little does she know that these were the first ripples of the ocean she is about to cross. Must read if you think you are better than average in kannada. He has served as a Prof. Aavarana does not avarnaa any sympathy to reader and is more like an assault on the reader with very avraana and compelling arguments that make boom reader think.

The ease with which the story shifts back and forth in time is excellent. Lakshmi is someone who’ll always remain in my memories, so will Narasimhe Gowda, Avarans Sastri May 21, Jaihanuman Hk avarsna it it was amazing. I discovered Aavarana through the article Rending the veil of historical negationism in India on the IndiaFacts portal.

Ananthmurthy sir to tell it. It is intellectually stimulating and though heavy on history keeps the reader hooked till the last page. Aavarana is a fictional novel, creative work by Bhyrappa taking into considerations of historical fact of India boook past few centuries.

Keeping that in mind, or even otherwise – for the sheer joy of reading a great work of Historical fiction, this book must be read urgently, and widely. The book throws light on harsh truths of history that have been consciously hidden by the progressive intellectuals, in the interest of harmony.

Playing out a little over a month after the demolition of the Babri Masjid, this first interplay between husband and wife is intriguing. But is it a provocative read?