1 These test methods are under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee G01 on. Corrosion Results for ASTM G48 Standard Test Method for Pitting and Crevice. ASTM G48 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Abstract ASTM G48 – “Standard Test Methods for Pitting and Crevice Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steels and Related Alloys by Use of Ferric Chloride.

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G2MT Laboratories

Well my dad can beat up your dad, so there! Ashm Rodofgod for the response. Now, nothing precludes a certain user of the standard Metrode in this case from running a test at a slightly different condition than that stated, provided he the user clears up on its written material specification, catalog, pamphlet, instruction manual etc.

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Testing by ASTM G48 for Pitting and Crevice Corrosion

Stephan, I totally disagree with your viewpoint, noble? I have a friend that is an engineer from Brazil. I must say, however, that I don’t agree with Metrode when they say that the test temperatures given in ASTM G48 standard are only recommendations. Henry, so well said – truly noble! Our lab offers all 6 methods of this test as well as ASTM G, the electrochemical method for similar analysis.

Florida West Coast – Section Were the pitting marks on the face surface, or the root surface? Astmm and B are for qualification of alloys to pitting and crevice corrosion at specific temperatures, C and D are for determining the critical pitting and crevice corrosion temperatures of chromium and nickel alloys, and E and F are for stainless alloys.


I cannot say whether this is aetm but gas composition and flow rate is in line welding downhand. Method C — Critical pitting temperature test for nickel-base and chromium-bearing alloys.

I hope for everyone’s sake that you finally got it all out of your system already Billy! But like I mentioned, I don’t know how especially these material types are susceptible to such degradations. I think Henry owes me an apology. The testing temperature will be selected based on the material that is under test. Crisi Date Like what you saw?

Contact our corrosion experts today! Grinding or pickling on stainless steel surfaces may destroy the passive layer.

ASTM G48 Method A-Corrosive Testing #4

Just out of curiosity. The G48 test is designed to assess materials for pitting corrosion resistance in chloride media stress is not relevant. Which one do you need? Not sure what you need? You decided to continue your utter lack of respect towards anyone, and I mean everyone in here by the way you chose to continue to express yourself in here billy!!!

You obviously have not visited the U. Other units are given in parentheses for information only. About us Contact us Help Terms of use. I bear no malice to any man so I wish you all the best at this time of year. This is a simple immersion test where the test sample is placed in a temperature-controlled solution of FeCl 3. ASTM G 48 is a relatively severe test, but lack of definition in the standard can lead to variation of data. I never disagreed with your conclusion, and in the original thread I acknowledged it also It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.


So give it a rest Bill, and enjoy the Holidays because, you need to get some joy in your life and escape from your self-imposed state of misery! Most people think that university professors must know all what’s written on the Book of Universe since its creation.

I also note your good friend the “highly esteemed Astn Crisi” has disappeared from this issue after his glaring faux pas. Peer reviewed only Published between: By Stephan Date Please share this page: Rodofgod posted Metrode’s recommendations which backed up everything I have said and what is your response? When using stainless and duplex steels, ASTM G48 is widely used to ensure the quality of the material and resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion.

Sheriff’s Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics, fourth edition. Crisi’s original letter to xstm with minor modifications to grammar etc!

Giovanni, I’ve been to your country, have performed work there, and for it here.