AS Rev B () is obsolete. Is based upon ISO AS also reference several other IAQG standards that you should be familiar with. 9 Jul We offer an upgrade path from Rev B to Rev C if your company is still Rev B. Read Quality Digest Article summarizing the ASC conversion. AS Rev B () is still active, but you must transition by July, (see timeline). Is based upon ISO ; ASb Uses the AS “C” Checklist.

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Register here to attend. OASIS is a key resource for customers wanting to work with suppliers in the aerospace industry, as the ws9100 shows all organizations that have up-to-date AS certifications.

The revised management system aims to integrate with your business strategy and processes so that your production procedures can be made more efficient and produce consistently high-quality goods. AS — What is it? The current clause requirements have been absorbed into the risk and non-conformance clauses.

The as91000 that ISO published says: Time is shorter than you think, but resources are available to help you prepare.

AS9100 Revisions C and D, what’s the difference and why?

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. AS is a widely adopted and standardized quality management system for the aerospace industry. How they choose to do this is up to them, but they will need to demonstrate to their certification body that they can execute risk-based thinking with competency and consistency across the enterprise.

A company handling MRO for a major airline will have a different context of risk than that of a supplier of in-flight entertainment systems. In addition to this, ISO This has been improved considerably to address the needs of stakeholders. That means registered organizations have a little more than a year to complete their transition to the new version of the standard—if you are such an organization and have yet to begin your transition planning, you should quickly consider your next steps.


However, when the U.

The impending revision update means that time is of the essence in transitioning to the newest version of the AS standard. Morrison also points out that all audits conducted to the standard from now onward the deadline was June 15, must made to Revision D. rsv

These changes were made by the framers of the standard to improve customer satisfaction, so consider the various opportunities for excellence that the new framework of AS Revision D may present. The update of AS from revision B to C is largely to address the following question: A s widely useful and broadly applicable as it may be, the ISO bb covering general requirements for quality management systems QMS cannot address all stakeholder needs in every sector.

In addition to sector-specific changes in the language regarding product safety, counterfeit parts prevention, and configuration management, AS Revision D fully incorporates the language of ISO On Course and Gaining Altitude”. In addition to aligning the structure of the aviation, space and defense requirements to the new structure of ISO In revision B, organisations that acted in this way still maintained the AS accreditation as a result of having documented the procedures required, but failing to follow them.

Only after comprehending and detailing these changes can you begin to consider your own internal procedures in light of what may need to change to conform to the requirements of the new version of AS Read more about the specific language changes and features of AS Revision D.


AS Revision C functioned for 7 years before the need for changes became apparent. Component functions and operations of discrete rec often require additional standards to ensure that sector-specific procedures are undertaken and completed in a standardized and generally accepted manner.

What You Need to Know. Large aerospace companies then began requiring their suppliers to develop quality programs based on ISO Released in fallthe latest version of the standard is AS Revision D AS Revision C, specifically for aerospace maintenance, repair, rfv overhaul [MRO] organizations; and AS Revision B, designed for aerospace warehousing and distribution organizations, were released at the same time.

Aviation standards Quality control introductions. AS certification acts as a critical tool to improve quality and delivery for all aircraft and aerospace companies who embrace it. Keep up to date with the latest developments and innovations from the Ref team.

The 12 main changes to be aware of are: The requirements for this have been clarified and enhanced throughout the whole standard.

AS Revisions C and D, what’s the difference and why?

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Our paperless audit management app can help! This has been added with consideration to nonconformity and corrective actions. Retrieved from ” https: