About adjectives: all fine prose is based on the verbs carrying the sentences. They make sentences move. Probably the finest technical poem in English is. 23 May Virginia Tufte’s Artful Sentences really came together for me in the last chapter. I imagine the book has a little something for everyone—the. All rights reserved. For permission to reuse, please contact [email protected] Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style. Virginia Tufte. Cheshire.

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Tufte takes a different approach, one of description. Lest you think this book gives an author carte blanche to write in any way imaginable, she does also include several examples of “what not to do.

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Virginia Tufte

I read this book a few pages at a time over a couple of months. The big difference, though, is that her writing is just as interesting as the examples. Jul 19, Len Sentebces rated it it was amazing. She illustrates what sentences are made of, and how small changes in word order can have a huge impact on not only style, but meaning as well.

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Not what I was expecting. To know the sentence is to love it and wish to perfect one’s command of it.

I think people take what she says in these sections too much for granted. This is much more analytical that I anticipated. Trivia About Artful Sentences So, I galloped through the dissections, but the book is bursting with culled sentences as examples of the different constructions. Nails the thought to the deck. Just throw us into your expert minds thoughts? The latter parts of the two books have significant similarity, although I really liked her section on Appositives which is less accentuated in the other book.

Refresh and try again. That best is often eloquent and precise, artful but unpretentious enough to become a model for other writers. May 11, Kaylee Tanner rated it it was amazing.


Short Sentence, Artful Sentences

She starts at the beginning and drives into style afterward. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Aug 13, Mary Louise rated it it was amazing Shelves: Velde rated it it was amazing.

Short sentence, long sentence, short sentence. For me it was a little like reading something in French, I understood the words, but the meaning was occasionally elusive and required me to go back and look at what sh I read this book a few pages at a time over a couple of months. A short sentence in the middle of a long-sentences-paragraph.

If you may, please give a reason. Notify me of new posts by email. Dec 02, Flor Edwards rated it really liked it. I can see why students might be a little resistant to her. A delight – and one you can dip into anywhere. For about a month after I read this book it was really hard to write, because I wanted every sentence to be as perfect as the examples in this book. For example, consider the introduction to The Noun as Fragment: Gave up fairly quickly as did not feel prepared for it in some way.

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Grammar as Style developed a cult of followers in the late twentieth century, several decades after it had gone out of print, prompting her to write the new book. Elegant explanations of current thinking on matters of syntax, combined with numerous examples that demonstrate the differences between valid stylistic choices provide the reader, whether relatively new to grammatical thinking or confidently knowledgeable, with a tool to help understand and critique the way authors choose their words.

It must by nature, therefore, generate a symbolics of spatial or temporal movement widened by its context beyond the senfences of the actual sentence read from left to right in so many seconds. I like the samples of use with excellent sentsnces in literature, arful as a read?


A few years ago a staff member at a large university, cleaning out an old cabinet in the English department’s offices, came across a neat black box. A wonderful survey of different types of sentences by studying actual sentences by professional writers in the wild, across a variety of genres, and with both modern and classic samples.

I feel like I missed the first week of class and was thrown into a lecture that makes no sense. In this regard, if you are going to read that s Between her two books, I liked her other on Grammar as Style slightly better. Overall, useful to someone doing a close reading See 1 question about Artful Sentences…. Myself, I’m not big on deconstruction as that path usually leads to meaninglessness and dissatisfaction. In this regard, if you are going to read that section in Grammar as Style and miss her point, then yeah, this book will be better.

So I read and re-read the examples. Placing the focus on style and flexibility instead of rules provides tutors in the Writing Center with an excellent model for non-directive tutoring.

Her descriptions are clear and well organized, her own sentences often competing with her examples in artfulness. Feb 29, Melinda Jane Harrison rated senrences it was amazing Shelves: The Epithalamium in Europe and its Development in England. Aug 04, Steve Goodyear rated it liked it. Jan 10, Chanel Earl rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: