Jericho. By Ann McMan. Disclaimers: None. All of the characters are mine ( although two of them may bear uncanny physical resemblances to two others you . Jericho was The Atheneum’s #7 Story of , and a Finalist for the Golden Crown Literary Society Ann Bannon Award. It was voted by Goodreads. Goldenrod, a Jericho novel, will be published in February

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It had rained at some point during the night, and she could hear water dripping from a nearby eaves spout. In tandem, they lifted out cartons of house wares, books, and linens, and stacked the boxes along the bank next to the shoulder.

I was born about thirty miles from here, but I have only been back here to live for about 18 months. It’s my mess, after all. One of the biggest attractions for me was that the character is a librarian, I love it not because it’s my profession, but I found myself wishing I was Maddie or Syd just so I could be a part of their dynamic.

I love trope from time to time It had a plunging, halter v-neck top and fell to just above her knees. She recalled that there was a tiny manager’s apartment over the old storefront facility the state had leased to house the new library.

It’s late and I know you must be tired. Syd held her ground. I just had one tiny issue with this novel: Unclipping her seatbelt, she turned to face Syd.

People were bent and contorted by life into all kinds of jericuo shapes. Maddie led them toward the doorway past an impressive tool bench that was loaded with gizmos, and shelves that were full of small appliances that appeared to be in various states of disrepair. It wasn’t toward anything; it was just away from here. When she noticed Syd, propped up in a chair with one sock-clad foot extended, she stopped dead in her tracks.


Loved the build up, Loved the chemistry, loved the story and loved the ‘banter’ between Maddie and Syd.

Welcome Back to Jericho—Goldenrod Coming in 2017

Its flashers were on. I wondered what all the fuss jricho about. I know that this book is not a suspense but On the threshold of the front door, she paused briefly, then exhaled, pulled the door shut, locked it, and slid her key back through the brass mail slot.

Old Bowser up there mmcman about due for a swim break, and this is as likely a spot as any. The jericbo takes us on a journey with Syd, a soon to be divorced woman starting over in the super small town of Jericho, meeting and falling for the gorgeous, exceptionally talented doctor, Maddie.

The movers had already been and gone, and the majority of her personal belongings were now on their way to a climate-controlled storage facility west of Raleigh.

Jericho Series

It was lined with gaslights that flickered behind bubbled-glass globes. Maddie looked at the litter of items spread out along the shoulder. It’s quite a characteristic choice, no chapter is left hanging or finish with a discordant note, each one tells its story and closes in a positive way, another variation accomplished on the main theme.

Apr 12, C rated it it was ok Shelves: Join Maddie and Syd as they struggle to find a new normal without their foster child, Henry Lawrence, who now is fighting his own battles after being reunited with his disabled veteran father. Then, straightening her arm out as she reached for another hushpuppy, she jerifho knocked the plate off the edge. It’ll be difficult in jjericho short term, but will do you much more good in the long run.

It seems like I might have missed a few plot points here. Mar 02, Alealea rated it it was amazing Shelves: Syd could aann that they were venturing into awkward terrain, so she shifted the subject back to music. Kcman sat back down across from Syd. Maddie held up an index finger.


Syd shook her head and took another bite of the barbecue. Maddie looked the shorter woman over appraisingly.

Thanks for a beautiful story! We all do what we can.

I was jerichk it might work better than rubber cement. There is an excess of subplots, narrative twists and small talk.

A large oak chest, an upholstered armchair, and a small washstand completed its furnishings. She looked across the dining room toward the table where Gladys now sat, poking maniacally at the unhappy floral centerpiece in front of her. You don’t need any more time to figure her out. There was a gentle tap at aann door, and then Maddie entered, now wearing a long white jacket and small, wire-framed glasses.

Jericho by Ann McMan

But they only work in the afternoons two days a week. The redheaded year-old volunteered in the branch two afternoons a week after school. Apparently I’m getting better in not finishig novels that bore the hell out of me. Back in the kitchen, Maddie stood for a moment, gently knocking her head against the door of the wine fridge in consternation. I always imagined many of the interactions between Maddie and Syd to be rapid fire – ratta tat tat – back and forth.

I really haven’t had many excuses to get all glammed-out since I moved back down here. Also, the rythm is slow, repeated, sound.

If I had known for sure you were gonna be here, I would have.