View Andrew Cardwell’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional Analyst and trader known for my RSI Positive/Negative Reversals for price. The ideal technical indicator, according to Andrew Cardwell, Jr., is one that offers capability to identify and monitor the current trend, highlight overbought and. 25 May Andrew Cardwell developed a framework to categorize market conditions with the RSI. This concept might look intimidating and radical at first.

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It was still 14 periods, I use the 70 and 30, but I identify what I call range rules. The RSI or Relative Strength Index is one of the most popular and rai indicators that is used by technicians far and wide.

How to effectively trade using RSI- the Andrew Cardwell way?

All of the information here is meant for educational purposes. It comes down to about In my research I came across Andrew Cardwell who was said in a few places to be the person who really refined RSI analysis to get ris most out of it.

People are, by nature, bullish. Relative Strength Index is a versatile indicator using which we may find overbought-oversold levels, positive and negative divergences, failure swings, etc. Sorry, your anerew cannot share posts by email. The Weight of the Evidence? He said basic price and momentum divergence can and does help to identify extreme overbought or oversold conditions in market momentum.

Are You Using the RSI Indicator Incorrectly?

Though the market may be overvalued, our portfolio is not, writes Vit We get caught up in the story sometimes but you are saying focus on the chart. It is a leading indicator and is widely used by Technical Analyst over the globe. Based on the above discussed Relative Strength Index or RSI range parameters, one can easily trade the underlying asset. The information set forth herein was obtained from sources which we believe to be reliable, but we do not guarantee its accuracy.


These are not the charts I usually put up on Charlty, but if I am serious about buying something this is just one of the RSI configurations I will use in my analysis. Please email me any questions as the series progresses and I will hold them until it is time to choose those that will make the cut.

Investing in the stock market involves risk and potential loss of principal, Investment strategies should be thoroughly researched and understood before implementing and none of this should be construed as a recommendation.

Welles Wilder, which measures the speed and velocity of price movement of trading instruments stocks, commodity futures, bonds, forex etc. What do you think? In the end I got a lot more than just a seminar on RSI.

Developed by Welles Wilder, the RSI has been one of if not my favorite indicators since very early in my career. That is like 11 on the volume indicator for a rock band.

I am here with Andrew Cardwell. The momentum run early September, late September, created a bearish divergence. Then the new overextension becomes However, sndrew like other indicators, the signal quality will also depend upon the characteristics of the underlying security.

RSI Indicator “Cornerstone” of Andrew Cardwell’s Trading Model

Since fsi the courses almost 5 years ago Andrew and I have become friends and continued to review charts when we think something is happening. Good Luck, it is there for the making! While Cardwell takes note of divergence, he said that only shows the market is overextended and needs to correct the overbought or oversold condition.


This will give time for you to send me questions to ask Andrew and I will use the best of the bunch. The default setting for Relative Strength Index is 14, but you may change this value to decrease or increase sensitivity based on your requirement.

With each successive new high low and divergence formed, anxious traders are ready to call for a top bottom and reversal of trend. There was a lot of loss.

However, this blog is not affiliated with BLFG and does not make recommendations to buy sell or hold any securities. I know I learned a ton from my time working with Andrew and hope to pass a little along here as well as give credit where credit is due.

He calls this his RSI Edge think tank. Please take advise of certified financial advisers before trading or investing. Next green box in the chart indicates super bullish range under which RSI tends to oscillate between the range of But there are times when sentiment and momentum are so strong that the market continues to make new highs or lowswhich will keep the RSI at overbought or oversold levels for extended periods of time. I probably started using it by reading Murphy and other Technicians talk about the classic indicators.

RSI should also be used in conjunction with other indicators and technical parameters to generate better and more confirmed trading signals. When it rallies, it only rallies to When the stock in a bullish phase, it oscillates in the range of 40 to