Amok has 30 ratings and 0 reviews. Z pewnością w polskojęzycznej literaturze nie było jeszcze takiej pozycji. Jej nielinearna narracja, bezpardonowość, u. 11 Feb David Grann writes about Krystian Bala, a Polish intellectual accused of He began to work intensively on “Amok,” which encapsulated all his. 6 Sep In his debut novel Amok, Polish author Krystian Bala describes the torture and murder of a young woman whose hands are bound behind.

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Krystian Bala born is a Polish writerphotographerand a convicted murderer.

There are answerless questions still. But there was no serious girlfriend until he balaa Stanislawa inon one of his regular fishing trips.

The body of the victim, Dariusz Janiszewski, krsytian signs of torture, was discovered by fishermen in the river Oder four weeks after he went missing in But before anything happened, she confessed to him that she was married and left. The few who read it were treated to a pulp-fiction orgy of bestiality, pornographic Oedipal complexes and indiscriminate sexual violence.

Stranger than fiction

Balanced on the narrow ledge in front of him is a slim, black book, its pages carefully annotated in blue Biro, corners folded over to mark relevant passages. Like Konbini on Facebook. Where can I get this in English?

The shared traits aroused investigators’ suspicions, although the parallels were not part of the court case.

Polish Murder Stranger Than Fiction

The most glaring difference: That, in turn, led them to his weblog, a series of demented personal ramblings that would, three years later, be published as Amok. Hello, Konbini and I would love you to check this out! When Poland’s television equivalent of Crimewatch aired details of the case in an attempt to balx fresh police leads, the programme’s website received messages from various krysttian in the far east, places that Bala, a keen scuba diver, was discovered to have been visiting at the time of the messages.


Dariusz Janiszewski, 35 Method of murder: But there remains none the less a substantial element of doubt concerning Bala’s conviction.

Polish Murder Stranger Than Fiction – TIME

amk In DecemberBala had a new trial and was again found guilty and continued to serve a twenty-five year sentence. In Amokwhich has turned out to be a best-seller in Poland, Chris is never caught and gets away with murder. It was as if Bala had written a “fictional” version of the real-life killing into his novel, using information only the killer could have known.

Clues to the killing were found in Bala’s first novel Amokpublished several a,ok after Janiszewski’s killing. He brings him into the police station and tries to get him to talk. He had turtles, parrots, fish.

And they said that a phone card was used to place calls to the victim on the morning of his disappearance as well as to Bala’s girlfriend and parents.

Retrieved from ” https: That’s when the last line of the novel takes on its full meaning: Jennifer JoAnne rated it liked it Aug 27, She spent all night talking with Dariusz and at the end of the evening, Janiszewski gave her his phone number. Similarity to grisly work of pulp fiction led police to arrest writer for killing. When Krystian moved out of the couple’s Wroclaw apartment inhe hired a private detective to monitor his wife’s movements.


Krystian Bala | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers

The case against him, however, remained circumstantial. It’s very vulgar and it was hard for me to read it, but I knew I had to.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. She was also krysian, pretty and liked to party. Then, during questioning by prosecutors in AprilBala confessed to killing Janiszewski, only to immediately retract his statement and suffer a fainting spell.

In a chapter entitled The Night in Question, Simpson describes his confrontation with Goldman, “Then something went horribly wrong, and I know what happened, but I can’t tell you exactly how. Inwhile Bala stayed in prison, an appeals court ordered a retrial of the case. The corpse bore livid bruises from repeated beatings and a series of knife wounds.

Over the subsequent days, the police pathologist would find that Janiszewski had been denied food and water for three days before his death. MuhammEd Araz rated it it was amazing Aug 06, In Amokwhich has turned out to be a best-seller in Poland, Chris irystian never caught and gets away with murder. Several years go by until one day, Jacek Wroblewski comes across one of the forgotten documents. Body found with signs of torture. As he continues to read, Detective Wroblewski notices that several passages in the novel correspond to Janiszewski’s murder.

The same card had registered calls to Bala’s family and friends. It is a gesture so utterly misplaced, so strangely callous, that for all the disturbing police reports, the tales of remorseless violence and senseless death, it is this memory that will lodge in my mind for days afterwards: