Below is the text in English of the Akritas Plan, written by Polykarpos Yiorgadjis at the end of November , with the constitutional crisis on. And what could anyone say about the Akritas plan? Instead of the leader of the newly created state being a messenger of freedom, generosity, democracy and. The AKRITAS organisation started planning a different future for. Cyprus. Apart from military plans a general plan for the extermination of. Turkish Cypriots was.

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There is no such a nation as cypriot!!! In any event, because the above task must make substantial progress and yield results long before the next elections, for obvious reasons, in the relatively short time in between we must show self-restraint and remain cool.

Ajritas and most important distortion of history is his claim that EOKA fought for self determination!

Britain and the US had to be convinced that the Turkish Cypriots did not have to be afraid of Greek Cypriot political dominance in the island. Do not link to meta discussions about Turkey elsewhere on Reddit. The external tactics pointed to the Treaty of Guarantee as the first objective of an attack, with the statement that it was no longer recognized by Greek Cypriots. People are perfectly akriyas of feeding their own children with their own money once they have it to spend and they will not have to go to food banks — as you so caringly say.

Unfortunately, even Makarios proved untrustworthy and erratic, periodically expressing support for Enosis pkan. In order to succeed in all our activities akritqs need a strong and stable government, up to the last minute.

Why dwell solely on the Akritas plan?

Three weeks ago the European parliament passed a resolution on Turkeycalling on Turkey to immediately start withdrawing its troops from Cyprus, address the issue of Turkish settlers on the island and enable the return of the sealed-off section of Famagusta to its lawful inhabitants.


Shameless and those who allowed this to happen should be exiled.

Both sides have been victims of self-serving warlords and both sides have been guilty of atrocities. He is simply bringing back into the light the TC plan which Loucas has a tendency to down play.

Thursday, 10 May The Akritas Plan. His so called facts are fabrications and total lies designed to defame LC and distort the contemporary history of Cyprus. Before the ink of our signature on the London-Zurich agreement had dried, the parades for Enosis began.

The scandalous history of Cyprus

The Akritas plan was created in by the Greek Cypriot part of the government in Cyprus with the ultimate aim of weakening the Turkish Cypriot ethnic Turks living in the Eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus wing of the Cypriot government and then uniting Cyprus with Greece. EACH individual will receive the same amount irrespective of age. Our activities in the internal field will be regulated according to their repercussions and to interpretations to be given to them in the world and according to the effect of our actions on our national cause.

I have replied to all your points from point to point. But who is going to give Cyprus 10 Billion upfront?

There is no one nation such as greek cypriots are making very big rogue propaganda!!!! There is no wealth available here in Cyprus. I am assuming that you are a TC, so just answer me this: The Cyprus problem would not have existed if we had honoured our signature of the London-Zurich agreements which, rightly or wrongly, akritaas had accepted.

Turkey European Union Foreign policy Europe comment.

Greek consciousness is growing not recedingget over it. It is for this plab that the first target of attack has been the Treaty of Guarantee, which was the first that was stated to be no longer recognised by the Greek Cypriots. Their plan is not to have solution to use the income for only themselves.


For me reading the first paragraph of your letter says it all. If the Treaty of Guarantee was abolished, there would be no legal roadblocks to enosis, which would happen through a plebiscite.

Inthe British gave in and turned power over to the Greek and Turkish Cypriots. Search BBC money box hsbc cash for the article. It had been overwhelmingly voted for at a referendum solely amongst the Greek Cypriots in the late s. Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Harassment and unnecessary hostility negatively affecting the subreddit’s atmosphere are disallowed.

Despite the adverse conditions, in Clerides revealed that the Turkish Cypriots had agreed to a model of strengthened local self-government.

Cyprus History: The Akritas Plan

It said that the proposed amendments would undermine the constitution and weaken the Turkish Cypriot wing of the government [ citation needed ].

It is therefore obvious that if we hope to have any chance of success internationally in our above actions, we cannot and must not reveal or declare the various stages of the struggle before the previous one is completed. Posts both in English and Turkish are welcome. Legal Aspects of the Cyprus Problem: The plan’s course of action was to persuade the world community that too akrittas rights had been given to the Turkish Cypriots and that the constitution had to be rewritten if the government was to be workable.