Download and complete a claim form, and email your completed form and receipt /s to [email protected] with your name and member number in the subject line. CLAIM FORM. 1 Your details. 2 Hospital service details. 3 Statement by member. 4 Details of claim. 5 Details for payment of benefits. 6 Declaration by member. If you get ill while studying, your Overseas Student Health Cover with ahm .. Fill in a claim form, include receipts and mail it to (no postage stamp required).

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This was quite distressing to hear, knowing in case of an emergency or accident I wouldn’t be covered. Now Laser eye surgery is next for me, what is next for you?

They aggressively pushed a product on me that they knew was not going to meet my greatest need in an insurance product, despite me telling them multiple times what I was looking for. Took them until 4th or 5th month before they were able to resolve this. Horrible customer service, either a crappy company or a company that hires crappy people. I have tried email and phone. Very happy with the decision to join AHM.

My partner had bad dental health and I’m pregnant but fully intend on having my birth in my public hospital was amazing last pregnancy.


Medicare Two-way claim form (MS001)

Im still waiting for them to fix an issue that happened 6 months ago. Above and beyond what I expected of an insurance company, they actually seemed human. Insurance claim made First Insurance for me and no stress. Their apparent partnership with Pacific Smiles who billed me incorrectly and then had AHM to refuse to corporate to get my refund processed.

The providers terms and conditions which should have been provided to you ahmm sign up should have some detail on time frames relating to making claims. I’ve been having this product and claim automatically for dentist sometimes already.

Insurance claim made Worst customer service. Does 30 years of loyalty count – NOPE!! Just one other thing, check your services provider is an approved supplier first before going gung-ho with spending hundreds on services.

Helpful with saving me money. No care for loyal customers. I wasted a lot of time following up on their 1 month free promo. They simply have no motivation to a good customer experience.

Whether it’s for your teeth, gums, falses, glasses, remedial massage or feet, this particular cover eliminates several of the holes in Australia’s Medicare system.

I have just joined, and if the customer service is anything to go by, and remains the positive, helpful, informative and beyond the expected, then Many extras included, most worthwhile. Dimple posted on Jul 03, My experience with AHM completely fit the insurance company stereotype of profits over the person. I will painfully await the procedure and curse them every day, then move cover.


After a failed direct debit, I was notified via email explaining this, followed up via a phone call. Looking for Insurance Comparison Websites? AHM deserves more than 5 stars.

If I could leave negative stars then Claik would. Hello i am with oshc ahm i need to do mri head so does it cover bu ahm?

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My experience with AHM so far has been excellent. I have paid them for over 5 years, I ask fogm help for a few months to pause the policy and nothing.

Making a claim is easy and the money is either in your bank the next day or your bill was automatically reduced by the covered amount while still at the EFTPOS machine.