AFI 13-204 V3 PDF

immediately implements changes to AFI , Volume 1, Airfield .. Airfield Operations Standardization and Evaluations and Vol 3, Airfield. Flight Planning Procedures. IAW AFI , Vol 3, AMOPS has the overall responsibility for inputting, amending, canceling and re-filing flight. immediately implements changes to AFI , Volume 2, Airfield Operations See AFI , Vol 3, Airfield Operations Procedures and.

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Does the BASH program document coordination with the host authority on reducing wildlife hazards? Turbojet aircraft regardless of altitude. Class E events intent for flight or not such as physiological, propulsion, flight controls, instrument, and miscellaneous aircraft-related events as defined in AFMAN ?

The COS is tasked to assist the commander with implementation and integration of risk management into all on-duty operations and missions, and off-duty activities. Each flying unit will conduct quarterly aircrew flying safety meetings.

Coordinate with airfield support entities, such as civil engineer, safety, maintenance, transportation, command and control, air traffic control, and emergency response agencies, in order to support aircraft operations and correct deficiencies on the airfield. Topics covered should include unit mishaps, MDS-specific trend analysis, local flying hazards e.

Has the COS developed a spot inspection program for the safety staff to ensure coverage of on-and off-duty activities that occur on, or are controlled by, the installation? This board convenes quarterly, is chaired by the Wing CV and sfi a forum for discussing, updating and tracking various activities associated with support of the flying mission.

More Jobs Like This We couldn’t find matching jobs. Do commanders and supervisors at all levels: Does the commander ensure all appropriate hazard abatement actions needed to control identified hazards are implemented and follow-up actions are complete?

Does the safety staff participate in any federal, state, or local safety councils or committees?


AFRC Flight Safety Inspection Checklist – SafetyCulture

Does the COS monitor routine airfield maintenance and major construction projects? Does the unit consult AFRC-contracted safety specialists, during both the investigative phase as well as the report development phase, for fai quality improvements? Start a new search. Is the lack of high interest areas also documented? Forgot your username or password?

ATC Jeopardy Jeopardy Template

Strikes occurring while aircraft are assigned to an expeditionary force will be reported by the v force flight safety office, when staffed adequately. Interval and mode of training should be coordinated with the host base or nearest AFB. AFIPara 6. Has the safety office establish a Bird Hazard Working Group BHWG consisting of organizations involved in airfield wildlife control, habitat management, operations and safety, meeting at least semi-annually, with minutes maintained?

The COS will ensure individuals with access to safety or mishap information, privileged or otherwise, know the limitations placed on their uses and the requirements for protecting such materials. Investigators may send status messages as often as deemed necessary in addition to those required by Table 6.

ATC Jeopardy

The following items are in addition to the other items listed above: Do the Zfi support agreements adequately address safety responsibilities?

Are program management activities, meetings, and areas requiring monitoring or coordination to complete these program requirements being documented and maintained for 48 months? AFIPara 4. If sent due to a delay, does the investigator explain the reason for the delay and the expected completion date? Send us your form.

Are causes of deficiencies and hazards noted? The evaluation report may be combined with 133-204 annual inspection report.

Do units that possess aircraft with enlisted crew positions consider appointing additional-duty FSNCOs to assist in the flight safety program? Qfi privileged reports safeguarded limited access and used only for mishap prevention?


When using e-mail, is the privileged document password protected and the password transmitted in a separate e-mail? Can’t find the right checklist? Advise the customer of discrepancies and impacts to the safe operation and maintenance of the airfield, related facilities, and of any operations or contingencies that affect operations and mission.

Program Management and Mishap Qfi. Does each unit conducting or supporting flight operations have an aviation safety program? Launch vehicle operations and concerns if applicable. Join CACI, where you will have the opportunity to make an immediate impact by providing information solutions and services in support of national security missions and government transformation for Intelligence, Defense, and Federal Civilian customers.

Are recommendations for corrective action documented? Training meetings and briefings — Does the COS ensure the following: Mishap Analysis Program — In order to reduce mishaps, Commanders and COSs must know the type and number of mishaps that occur in their command. An aircraft conducting an instrument, visual, v33 contact approach has 13-24 or has been instructed to change to advisory frequency.

It varies less than feet from the pilot reported altitude, or 2. Do SAFSOs assist in conducting wing safety inspections as requested and conduct unit self-inspections? Does safety staff maintain appropriate safety magazines?

This job has expired and you can’t apply for it anymore. Was a written report prepared for each assessment with a copy sent to the commander of the organization? Back to search results. The BASH program requires complete documentation of local wildlife hazards, afk on missions and possible solutions to include hazards surrounding ranges used by local flying units.