ACOPOS also perfectly suited for CNC applications. ACOPOS in the POWERLINK network. .. ACOPOS , Model number. Short description. Figure. Servo drives. 8V ACOPOS servo drive, 3x V, 34 A, 16 kW, line filter, in- tegrated braking resistor. ACOPOS. USER’S MANUAL. (V1). Version: (February ). Mod. No.: MAACP1-E. We reserve the right to change the contents of this manual without.

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Plug-in modules are available to make network connections with other drives, controllers and visualization devices as well as for the connection 11320 encoders, sensors and actuators. The necessary filters, which meet CE guidelines, are also integrated in the device.

The cable tie is to be run through the eye on the bottom of the plug-in module. Twisting or extending the protective mesh using single conductors is not allowed. The cable shield must be attached to the shield connection terminal.

For information concerning dimensioning see section 1. Packaging industry Handling technology Plastics processing Paper and acopod Textile industry Wood industry Metalworking industry Semiconductor industry.

ACOPOS – B&R Industrial Automation

These versions have identical specifications but are more robust in regard to environmental influences such as dust, aggressive vapors or moisture. Acpoos should ackpos place on both sides, extensively and near to the connector. Before turning on the servo drive, make sure that the housing is properly connected to ground PE rail.

The work-intensive and error-prone task of manually setting parameters is no longer necessary and start-up times are substantially reduced. Increased production quantities, faster production cycles, improved quality and greater precision are a reality with servo drives from the ACOPOS series. EMC was given special attention to facilitate use in harsh industrial environments.


Field tests have been carried out under difficult conditions in addition to the acoppos defined in the standard. The results confirm the excellent values measured by the testing laboratory and during operation.

ACOPOS servo drives use the information on the motor’s embedded parameter chip, which contains all relevant mechanical and electronic data. Cables can be used in cable drag chains.

Components and Modules Servo drives. Cable connection via terminals: This results in maximum performance by taking advantage of the system’s full capabilities. Cable connection via RJ45 plug: The cable shield must be connected using the designated clamp in the metallic or metal plated plug housing.

The user is provided two trigger inputs for tasks requiring precise measurements or print mark control. Grounding of the motor cable on the ACOPOS servo drive u On the motor side, the cable shield for the adopos line is connected to the motor housing using the motor plug and connected to zcopos via the machine. ACOPOS configurations PLCopen motion control function blocks Configuring instead of programming Quick and easy commissioning Tools for straightforward and efficient diagnostics Higher productivity with smart process technology Cable assignments.

Also grounding the cable shield provides an improvement in EMC properties. The installation of a central line filter is mostly sufficient in such cases.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

An important criteria for the performance of an automation solution is fast and precise reactions to events handled in the application or to immediate changes in the production process. During service, relevant data can be requested and the cause of any problems that may exist can be determined.

The cable shield on the connection cable for the external braking resistor must be connected with the housing of the braking resistor.


The successful application of ACOPOS servo drives in the following industries demonstrates the impressive innovative power of their pioneering aco;os Additional EMC measures must be implemented by the manufacturer of machines or systems if the product standards for the machine has lower limits or if the machine should conform to generic standard IEC Connecting Cables to Plug-in Modules Stress relief for the cable is implemented using a cable tie.

Please choose country and language. This makes it possible to activate the holding brake using adopos external safety circuit independent of the control integrated in the ACOPOS servo drive. Using computer-aided models, the thermal behavior of the entire system is pre-calculated based on measured currents and temperatures.

Proof of conformity to the necessary limits must be provided according to the documentation for use of the EMC guidelines from the manufacturer or distributor of the machine or system.

The same cross section as the power mains protective ground conductor must be used. Chapter 5 Wiring Table The ground connection must 1230 made, even when testing the servo drive or when operating it for a short time!

B&R ACOPOS 1320 8v1320.00-2 Rev. P0 Servo Drive

Additionally, CPU modules for controller and drive integration are also available for drive-based automation. Cables cannot be used in cable drag chains. Industry-specific functions and intuitive tools form the basis for short development times. Further configuration of the ACOPOS servo drive to meet the respective application-specific demands takes place using 130 modules.

Device Power without Braking Resistor Approx. Make sure the cable shield is grounded properly. The fastening screws must be tightened.