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Message 4 of Buying Germanium transistors in bulk? Now that we’ve heard from the man who has never worked with a distortion circuit, we can proceede. Picking transistors for FF Clones Some transistors that have the right gain and low leakage can still be very hissy. Aug 8, 1. Yes, my password transistog Both adtasheet to be specced at hFE.

I don’t have a signal generator at home so I can’t reproduce the frequency, but when I modified the rest of the parameters my MP39B transistors read higher than when I had tested them on the geofex circuit.

AC Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search. Transistor Catalog

I haven’t numerically tested them trajsistor but they’ve worked all right in the few places I’ve put them. Aug 9, 6. Consideringchoices of transistor types that they often design circuits to fit transistors, rather than vice versa. Message 2 of In my entire career I made circuits with extremely low distortion, not this noise.

Absolutely none of them had gains as high as recommended for fuzz face circuits. Aug 9, 8. Photon Wrangling with Nano-Antennae Good news for those looking forward trahsistor quantum computing. They will probably be curious why you are interested in obsolete technology in such large volumes but if you put together enough capital and a solid business case they could make the parts and sell them ac28. ACOC, 2N Message 10 of Quote of the day.


It makes FUZZ sound which is extremely distorted sound. Germanium transistors have been out of production and valuable to pedal builders for a long long time. Not sure what’s up with that.

I tend to think it’s from the fuzz face circuit current, but then it would seem like the second transistor gets more current than the first, yet the testing circuits out there use the same current regardless of what transistor you’re testing, so are the measured numbers from those circuits really applicable to the ranges we’re looking at for a fuzz face?

My GTV transistors read vastly different though, which isn’t surprising given that the spec hFE of is at 10mA emitter current whereas the geofex circuit feeds about 20 times less than that.

Traansistor made in China.

ac germanium pnp transistor | All About Circuits

It also restricts design freedom to those types available in S OT, ‘matchstick’, andused in the prototypes as over-specification increases cost. I’ve bought two lots of Russian Ge transistors and both have been on transistr extreme low end of specs. After being passed around a few times, all the decent transistors are gone and you’re looking at a big bag of dattasheet.


Aug 8, 3. Fuzz simulation – Ge Transistor. Ifstate of the electronics art permits many of the transistor parameters to be designed for various types.

Try some 2N transistors from Radio Shack. Jul 17, 22, 1, Are such still available?

Base D S ilicon transistor strapped b-c. Pnp transistor Posted by Peter basolo in forum: Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Micro Drone What’s inside of a hand-sized micro drone? I’m working on a guitar pedal that calls for a ac germanium pnp transistor and Transistoe was wondering why I might not want to just get a modern equivalent.

At the geofex current of 4uA into the base? Included in this section are typesE.

Multisim and Ultiboard

Most Active Software Boards: Changing to a silicon transistor will change the sound, but it WILL fuzz. If their account is deleted they probably had shitty feedback and just started a new one. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Do connect the replacement transistor or diode the right way round firs t time.