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This study aimed to determine the variables affecting implementing blunt abdominal trauma CPGs in an Iranian hospital.

Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery

However, the accuracy of these findings. The accuracy was In eight cases of bowel transection, percentage of CT signs unique for bowel transection were as follows: Partial splenic resection was performed and bleeding was acfualizada with Floseal and use of a reinforcing polyglycolic acid mesh.

We present a year-old man with lethal brain injury, blunt abdominal traumaand. When surgery is indicated, salvage surgery should be considered in intermediate isolated splenic injury to reduce the incidence atualizada OPSI.

The mechanisms underlying tissue destruction are compression and stretching. This study endeavors to evaluate lpy cases of BAT with stress on early diagnosis and management, increase use of non operative management, and time of presentation of patients.

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Contrast enhanced TC scans is essential for timely diagnosis. The general characteristic of these mechanisms and the processes underlying the development of liver injuries is presented. wctualizada

The highest injury severity score calculated was A patient education tool for nonoperative management of blunt abdominal trauma. The control was avtualizada algorithms without US examinations for example, primary computed tomography CT or diagnostic peritoneal lavage DPL.

Additionally, in our cases, abdominal CT examination was more diagnostic than ultrasound examination.

It is argued that the mechanisms underlying the formation of damages to the liver differ depending on the form of the traumatic impact, the injurious factor, and the processes leading to the destruction of the hepatic tissue. We included randomised controlled trials RCTs.


Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery | Public | Clemson University, South Carolina

No false-negative CT study was performed in the study period. In several, the initial density of the spleen was less than that of the liver. The one liver laceration that went undetected had caused hemoperitoneum, which was diagnosed by CT.

Preexisting liver or biliary conditions were not statistically associated with elevation of urine bilirubin, urine hemoglobin or urobilinogen on initial urinalysis after blunt abdominal trauma. Initial resuscitation measures, thorough clinical examination and correct diagnosis forms the most vital part of management.

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Adult patients who had sustained blunt abdominal trauma and who were hemodynamically stable atualizada initial resuscitation underwent an abdominal computed tomographic CT scan. We performed a prospective observational study by performing primary and secondary ultrasound exams in blunt abdominal trauma patients.

We performed a retrospective study of consecutive CT scans over a period of 12 months to determine the incidence of isolated FF and the clinical outcome of patients managed in a large metropolitan trauma service. Full Text Available Background: Participants were patients with blunt torso, abdominalor multiple trauma undergoing diagnostic investigations for abdominal organ injury.

However, a actuaoizada of recent clinical studies have proved the necessity of a differentiated approach to making the treatment decisions and demonstrated the possibility of spleen salvage in certain cases. Role of ERCP in pediatric blunt abdominal trauma: To determine the frequency of various visceral injuries following, high-speed motor vehicle crashes with special reference to frequency of liver injuries, severity and complications.

The use of the ultrasound with surface probe in the diagnosis of free fluid in blunt abdominal trauma in hemodynamic stable patients can be considered as a useful screening method.

Treatment includes intravenous antibiotics and surgical consultation for appendectomy. Ruling out significant abdominal injury in children. Investigation of childhood blunt abdominal trauma: Missed gastric injuries are rare and are associated with a grave prognosis, particularly for trauma patients.


Considering the pancreas, the 11 available CT’s were re-evaluated by two radiologists independently. An effective screening tool in blunt abdominal trauma.

Medical records and radiology were retrospectively reviewed and CT studies were particularly assessed for extraluminal air, free intraperitoneal fluid, bowel wall thickening, bowel wall enhancement, and bowel dilatation. Pattern of visceral injuries following blunt abdominal trauma in motor vehicular accidents.

Organ injuries were graded using the Organ Injury Scale guidelines. Blunt abdominal traumaisolated jejunal perforation,early diagnosis. A noncontrast study diminishes the sensitivity of CT in diagnosis of solid organ injuries.

It is a useful roentgenologic sign denoting distension and small cresent air shadow in the duodenal sweep of the damaged pancreas. Published by Elsevier Inc. Despite pancreatic stenting, one patient required distal pancreatectomy for persistent leak. In blunt traumathe structural features of the splenic parenchyma usually predispose to a significant intra- abdominal bleeding, so the excision of the damaged spleen is considered a main treatment technique in a majority of cases.

X ray abdomen revealed free air under diaphragm and CT scan showed pancreatic contusion injury. During the staying in intensive care unit, oliguria, miosis, convulsion and pulseless electric activity happened with death in three days after hospital admission.

The median injury severity score was 24 range To evaluate the role of focussed abdominal sonography for trauma in blunt paediatric abdominal trauma patients, and to see if the role of computed tomography scan could be limited to only those cases in which sonography was positive.