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NUEVA LEY DEL TRABAJO BIOLOGO QUE REEMPLAZA LA LEY , LEY DEL TRABAJO DEL BIÓLOGO. Resumen de Quimica de Coordinacion. Modificatoria de la Ley N° , faculta al Director General de la POLICÍA. NACIONAL, con cargo a informar al titular del Sector, a celebrar. Convenios con . Latin American markets had another good year in The liquidity environment remained supportive, credit quality continued to improve, and concerns that.

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Amends Central Provident Fund Residential Properties Scheme Regulations with regard to loans by Government to members, use of money in special account for payment of housing 28587 and share in common property transferred by Housing and Development Board, use of money in special account for payment of improvement contributions in respect of upgrading works, as well as some related matters. Pensions Amendment Act No. Contributions paid in excess Finally, makes numerous technical amendments to the Industrial Relations Act Chapter of the revised edition.

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Amendments concerning the definition of “consumer” for the purpose of fees to be paid when lodging complaints. Amends Provident Fund Investment Schemes Regulations by restating the definition of the terms of approved insurer, insurance policy, investment-linked insurance policy, and by providing for related matters.

Retirement Age Amendment Act No. Regulation 19 of the Central Provident Fund Self-Employed Persons Regulations is amended by inserting immediately after the word “address” at the end of paragraph 1the words “,except that a self-employed person who changes his residential address shall be deemed to have informed the Board of such change in compliance with this paragraph upon his making a report thereof under section 8 of the National Registration Act”.

Rules regarding application for maintenance of parents benefit, hearings at the Tribunal, and enforcement of maintenance orders. Amends sections 2 and 32 of the Central Provident Fund Investment Schemes Regulations regarding approval for the purchase of any unit in a unit trust scheme or investment in a collective investment scheme.


Part III sets forth rules regarding the use of the minimum sum, the assessment of immovable property, and the event of the death of a member. Makes provisions in respect of pension options and reduced pension plus gratuity and commuted pension gratuity.

Provides for rules in respect of contributions payable if assessment of wife’s income is made under the husband’s name, as well as regarding applications to reduce contributions. Provides for rules in respect of interrogatories, official shorthand notes and summary proceedings for possession of land. Establishes regulations for Central Provident Fund. Retirement Age Exemption Notification No.

Provides regulations governing withdrawal of cash grants from various social security schemes. Substitutes paragraph 1 of the First Schedule to the Central Provident Act dealing with contributions payable by the employer and the amount recoverable from the employee’s wages.

Notice of change of address Maintenance of Parents Rules No. Made under the People’s Association Act.

Made under the Subordinate Courts Act. Establishes Special and Senior Personnel Boards empowered to appoint, promote and transfer public servants as defined in the order, and provides for matters related thereto. Regulates safety matters related to handling, transport and storage of dangerous substances and explosives aboard ships.

These provisions shall apply only to employees who attain 60 years of age after 1 January Provides that the retirement age of an employee shall be not less than 60 years, or such other age, up lwy 67 years, as may be prescribed by the Minister.

Part IV contains regulations relating to crew matters, including provision of medical treatment, pay, and disciplinary measures. Inserts a new section 57A prohibiting an immigration offender from entering a workplace; if this should happen, the employer shall be presumed to have committed an offence unless he or she can prove due diligence in preventing the offender from entering the workplace. The Act shall not be interpreted as an authorization of euthanasia or mercy killing. Contributions payable by Member of Parliament 6.

ley 28857 pdf

Inter alia, inserts a new Article establishing a special tribunal of no less than 3 judges of the Supreme Court to render opinions on constitutional issues. Substitutes in Regulation 5 the words “Regulation 32 1 ” for the words “Regulation 32 2 “. Provides that certain payments are not pensionable allowances to be taken into account in computing pensions, gratuities or other allowances under the Pensions Act. Assures confidentiality of advance medical directives ,ey makes it an offence to require such directives for the purposes of insurance policies.


Merchant Shipping Act No. Provisions on withdrawals from the fund, investments and properties purchased by the fund, accounts and related matters. Amendments concerning amounts of contributions payable by employees during each calendar month. The NWC also recommends a dollar quantum wage increase, a variable payments system bonuses based on company performancea base-up wage system which sets wages according to merit and not seniority, more investment in training, stepped-up recruitment of women and older workers, and greater participation in co-payment schemes for medical expenses.

No seafarer shall be registered who has not attained the age of 15 years; seafarers over 60 years of age may be registered only if they pass an annual medical exam, for which they must bear the expense.

Employment of Foreign Workers Exemption No. Employment Agency Amendment Rules No. Calculation of contributions Request for information and returns Provides that certain payments are not pensionable allowances to be taken into account in computing pensions or gratuities under the Parliamentary Pensions Act.

Made under the Women’s Charter Chapter Stipulates that employer contributions and employee benefits shall be determined by the First Schedule of the Central Provident Fund Act, and that contributions and benefits in respect of persons who become permanent residents on or after 1 January shall be regulated by the Central Provident Fund Permanent Residents — Employees Regulations Rg Provisions applicable to persons being detained in approved schools, approved homes, remand homes and places of detention Part VIII: