Leven Thumps and the Ruins of Alder is the fifth and last book in the Leven Thumps series, written by Obert Skye. It is preceded by Leven Thumps and the. In the fifth and final volume of the epic saga of Leven Thumps, all of Foo is rushing madly to exit the realm of dreams while Leven is headed in the opposite.. . Tags: adventure, apocalypse, book review, chaos, fantasy, friendship, leven thumps, leven thumps and the ruins of alder, magic, obert skye.

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I believe he is amazing. Leven Thumps, Book 3: It’s not good and not bad.

Leven Thumps, Book 5: And The Ruins of Alder – Shadow Mountain Publishing

Before he and his sycophant are mysterious snatched to the island of Alder, on a quest to find the secret that could rebuild Foo and save itself from destruction.

I like them better that the Harry Potter series. All the books in this series are pretty much the same. In Foo, the realm that te us to hope, imagine, and dream, Geth levsn one of the strongest and most respected beings, a powerful and wise lithen.

Leven Thumps and Ruins of Alder

Trinity Book 2 Destiny: I actually really enjoyed the climax. He has now become The Want as his grandfather was the last Want. Twisted minds overpower Foo. Must redeem within 90 days.


This site uses cookies. In Reality, Dennis and Ezra are now a potent force, both because of their certainty in the face of all the confusion and because Ezra now has power again. I would give almost anything to be a wizard at Hogwarts, or an Rruins in Middle Earth. Jan 01, Kelli rated it it was amazing Shelves: And yes, this is a book directed towards children.

The Ruins of Alder

He regains conciousness, chops and goes unconcious again for three more times. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Refresh and try again.

Her pale skin and willowy clothes give her the appearance of a shy spirit. Suddenly there was romantic interest in the characters that hadn’t been there before.

They are humans who had been on Earth and brought to Foo by Fate. First of all, the author took to conversing with the reader at the start of nearly every chapter, as if reminiscing. Some of the character resolutions just didn’t work for me. He puts him down and his general goes with them to where they’re staying. It was a little flat after a stretched climax but it was still good.

Now that the way out of Foo is known and the secret of the Sycophants released, all of Foo want out. Geth, Winter, and Phoebe come out of the gateway. I’m not complaining because I adore the sarcastic rambling humor of Ajd Snicket and now Obert Skye.


Leven Thumps, Book 4: Dennis falls out of their plane.

Leven Thumps – Wikipedia

Because the secret of the Sycophants was released, the little furry leen can no longer keep the thousands of Foovians from leaving. He runs into “unfinished business”.

It seemed t All the books in this series are pretty much the same. And he was nearly trampled by a herd of water buffalo at age six. Leven Thumps and the Gatewa Aug 13, Jacksonb rated it it was ok. Books by Obert Skye. The only way for Leven, the Want, to keep this from happening is to go to the island of Alder. Are Leven and Winter not meant to be together forever, or is he meant for something bigger?

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Dec 31, Anna rated it liked it Shelves: Obert lives in a constant state of wonder. Digital items cannot be gifted, returned, nor refunded.