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Do the numerical standard errors provide a correct view of the accuracy of approximation of the posterior simulators?

If interest focuses Linear Regression Model with a Single Variable 27 on predicting the wage of a new worker, we would have to know her years of education in order to form a meaningful prediction.

The logic of Bayesian econometrics set out in this chapter provides a template for the organization of following chapters. All that you need to know here is that the Gamma function is calculated by the type of software used for Bayesian analysis e.

Furthermore, virtually any serious appli- cation will involve several explanatory variables. That is, it uses the methods outlined in Section 3. All I know about Bayesian econometrics comes through my work with a series of exceptional co-authors: The problem with such a motivation is that it is typically not possible to find such an initial draw.

By taking weighted averages of the importance sampling draws, as in 4. Hence, unlike previous chapters, we will not economehrics a separate section discussing the likelihood function.

Bayesian Econometrics

As we shall see in the next chapter, direct calculation of the marginal likelihood can economerrics difficult. However, Bayesian econometrics is based on a subjective view of probability, which argues that our uncertainty about anything unknown can be expressed using the rules of probability.


How sensitive is the predictive distribution? In the context of MCMC methods, a numerical standard error can be derived, but the fact the draws are not independent means that a different central limit theorem must be used.

For one or at most two dimensional features of interest, graphical methods can be a quite effective way of presenting empirical results. This can lead to economtrics researcher simply presenting whatever estimates, test statistics, and diagnostics that are produced, regardless of whether they are appropriate for the application at hand. What importance sampling does is correct for this by giving little weight to the former draws and giving more weight to the latter.

Using this estimate, 3.

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The researcher would likely have prior information about what plausible values for this parameter might be. The assumption that the explanatory variables are not random is a standard one in the physical sciences, where experimental methods are common.

The common Bayesian point estimate, p, is a weighted average of the OLS estimate and the prior mean, p. The nonlinear regression model is an important one in its own right. These properties mean that the prior information can be interpreted in the same way as likelihood function informa- tion.

In this book, we do not discuss these concepts of asymptotic distribution theory in any detail. Vr is called the estimated potential scale reduction.

Full text of “Koop G. Bayesian Econometrics”

N — and less informative e. Linear Regression Model with a Single Variable 23 In one sense, this noninformative prior has very attractive properties and, given the close relationship with OLS results, provides a bayesisn between the Bayesian and frequentist approaches.


Mo is simply this unrestricted model. A prior odds ratio of one is bqyesian. The MCMC diag- nostics presented for the Gibbs sampler can be used with the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm to make sure an adequate number of draws are taken and enough initial draws discarded see Chapter 4, Section 4. Nonparametric and Semi–Parametric Methods.

Furthermore, economrtrics of the questions at the end of each chapter require the use of the computer, and provide another route for the reader to develop some basic programming skills. The Savage-Dickey Density Ratio Just as posterior inference cannot be done analytically, no analytical form for the marginal likelihood exists for the Normal linear regression model with indepen- dent Normal-Gamma ecomometrics.

In this An Overview of Bayesian Econometrics 5 case, the kpop odds ratio becomes simply the ratio of marginal likelihoods, and is given a special name, the Bayes Factor, defined as: That is, at each importance sampling draw for using the methods outlined in Section 4. We will motivate the basic ideas in a very general context before returning to the Normal linear regression model with independent Normal-Gamma prior.

We will call fconometrics of these MCMC diagnostics, and discuss some of them here in the context of the Gibbs sampler. Using the definition of the multivariate Normal density, we can write the likelihood function as: