This app has kannada lyrics of some popular bhajans on various gods and goddesses. Most Bhajans are from Ramakrishna Math. But we have also included. Результаты поиска для KANNADA-BHAJANE видео.

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I was earlier able to found lyrics for preenayamo. Plese correct any errors and repost the song lyrics.

Rama Bhajane Mado

We are reminded of the seventh chapter of the Dwadasha stotra where similar opinions are voiced by Srimadaacharyaru. Am really spell bound for this site. These are the devotional Lakshmi songs that I would really like to learn.

Posted by Lakshman on September 2, at 9: Can any one send me plz.

kannada bhajane

Thank bhauane once again. Posted by Charumathi Raghavendran on November 30, at 6: Posted by neelpaI on September 19, at 7: Mam I want a tamil version of varahi ashtakam Eng version is very difficult for m e to pronounce the correct sound regards Hema.

Posted by Lakshman on March 11, at 4: Namaskara This is a wonderful site. Thx a Lot Rgds Muralidhar.


Prameela Kundapur

Nanarathna samayuktha kundaladhi virajitham, Sarvada abheeshta datharam, satham vai drudamahave. I am too a staunch devotee of rayaru.

I am going through your blog for sometime and really appreciate all your efforts. Sudha commented on Lyrics. Posted by Nagesh on November 13, at 3: I have that book in kannada,but I want it in English.

First of all i thank you for this website it is really very very help ful for all the Adyatimika People. By using the word vighatanaghatana the poet has used the chekaanupraasaa alankaara. Hi Sreedevi, many songs on Lakshmi bhhajane Krishna are posted.

Kannada bhajane Music Playlist: Best Kannada bhajane MP3 Songs on

I like this site very much and I took the print out of Mahishasura mardini slokam My name is lalitha Raja. I presume it is in ragam sindhu bhairavi.

Since I have herniated disc problemi cannot do namaskram. It has all the important songs and lyrics.

Ee site nodi tumba tumba aanada aiytu. Hello sir, did you get the lyrics? I was looking for some details on Raghavendra Swamy Mutts in Hyderabad and I happened to visit your site.


Vikhyatasrisudhindravratisuta bhavata sadhugite sutarkesadyah pratyarthihradye munimaniracite tandave yojitarthe pratyakhyataprakasah samajani bhuvane hanta kannaada sriraghavendravrativibudhamane kastvadanyo vadanyah Posted by koolprasad on June 20, at Shweta, Thanks so much for you comments. Naanonda Kanasa Kandenavva 2.

The work done by you is incredible. Lakshman, can you please share the link for the this song? Please note that the following link contains the Sanskrit Script of Rayara Stothra and its meaning in English, which i found in the link below. Awesome stuff…keep it up. This has become my go-to place for easy and quick receipes esp. I too like this songs, particularly the way it is sung by Raichur Seshagiridas. Shloka 9 vyaadutavadya hrudtaamitha kruthi rachanacharu chaaturya hrushyat karnatakshonipaala pratipadarachita aneka ratnabhishekaha bhajanw lakshmipathi padanalinodh agrolamba leelo vikhyatah srisudheendra vratipatiratulam bhadram unnidhrayen naha 9 Meaning: