A famous book that show how differently Japaneses and western people do to work in a company. But I think now most of the company in the. for Mort Maurer, my father, who helped me to see the power of kaizen in the This book will show you how to harness the power of kaizen: using small steps to . Kaizen ne liči ni na jednu knjigu o japanskom menadžmentu koju sam pročitao. Iznad svega je praktična. Čudesna knjiga! Tomas R. Horton Izvršni direktor.

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She teaches several courses: July knjig August Izabran je u akademsko zvanje vandrednog profesora za oblast finansija. Company information systems and dezign in company information systems. His field of interest contains family business development, management of start-up companies and methodology of management research. In the same year she joined the University of Forestry as kaizej part-time assistant professor. Also she is a member of the editorial board of the journal “Science and Education: The specific objectives that Office Kaizen 2 pursues in order complete the road map to kaizen success are: Considerable publication portfolio including journal articles, conference articles and consultancy reports on HR and organizational development.

Permanently is employed in the company Perutnina Ptuj, where he has accumulated many years of practical experience in the field of sales kqizen marketing.

MCB – Menadzment Centar Beograd

Currently focus nkjiga attention on leadership development in Czech companies. Present and explain why, how, and when the principle methods and tools of Office Kaizen can best be applied. More than nonprofit organizations participated to the research until this moment, whose management approved the importance of the thematic for non-profit sector realities.


Inshe studied in Germany as an exchange student under the Erasmus Programme at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Passau.

Competitiveness of Economic systems, Competitive strategies, Forecasting and Planning, Macroeconomic analyses and Forecasts. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia.

After graduation he moved to Kiev. She has had an extensive teaching experience at NBU.

Published 16 books and over 40 scientific papers in conferences and national and international magazines in the field of accountancy, cost management, financial reporting standards, etc.

Published several books, book chapters and over peer-reviewed papers, frequently cited in scientific literature.

Bu Jeghult Arhive – ADIZES Southeast Europe

She works as a lecturer of business and ,aizen at the Faculty of Business, Aleksander Moisiu University in Albania. He is also the author of scientific monograph and member of Program boards of 2 Scientific Conferences. He is phd student at the Faculty of Business at the University major in Economic Sciences, part-time lecturer at the Department of Economics and Head of finance at the company Italo – Albanian.

In his lectures his emphasis is on teaching business administration, marketing management and presentation skills. She successfully passed the judicial exam, Ministry of Justice, Republic of Macedonia.

He also completed a court internship which lasted for 12 months over there in Vienna. She has more than 8 years professional experience in different Higher Education Institutions in the field of Marketing and Business. Provide leadership at all levels with an understanding of how human motivation and group and organization dynamics influence what everyone does every minute at work. His scientific research includes 66 scientific articles 8 of them in JCR indexed journals65 scientific mainly international conference contributions, 10 scientific monographs and 14 research projects.


In his current research projects he emphasizes the fields of industrial marketing, strategic purchasing and supply management as well as marketing intelligence. Currently focus her research attention on application of business models philosophy in the field of strategic management.

Doktorski je kandidat pri FPZ-u u Zagrebu. Sada je portparol u ministarstvu za finansije u Republici Makedoniji. She graduated at the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana, in She works in an IT company as a marketing strategist and is member in two nonprofit organizations, one in marketing field and one in social domain.

Office Kaizen 2

Her activity is rewarded with numerous certificates and medals. She lectures courses from the field of knjiva and entrepreneurship. Currently is director of Departmant of Management as well. His field of interest contains management science, personnel management and leadership.

Dijana has certificates for languages and computer skills, and participations for seminars, trainings, and conferences. Dobitnik nagrade Univerziteta u Beogradu kao student generacije Knjita fakulteta u Beogradu.

She is the head of the Management Department. Other research preoccupations are oriented to traditional food products, educational marketing and, nevertheless volunteer marketing.