IOSA Audit Handbook. 11th Edition. Effective June Applicable for ISM Ed Interlinked and Repeated ISARPs. The IRM contains the abbreviations and terms used in IATA’s audit various parts of the IOSA Audit Handbook (IAH) & ISAGO Audit Handbook. IOSA Program Manual. Approval Page. This Edition was verified by the IATA Operational Auditing Department and the IOSA Oversight Council. It was approved.

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IOSA Auditor Training (IAT) Course

IAT participants experience practical skill training, covering the following general knowledge bodies: The prerequisites for individuals that are not sponsored by an AO are more relaxed. Home Our Approach project board Expert enrollment contact. A UK-based flight operations consultancy comprised of highly skilled aviation professionals with extensive hands-on airline experience during their professional careers, AIT specializes in the provision of audjtor services for private and corporate operators and airlines in the areas of flight operations, aircraft performance and flight planning, technical publications and IOSA compliance and certification.


These individuals need only be sufficiently qualified and experienced in aviation and auditing so as to be capable of understanding and contributing to all course activities and exercises.

The training is given in English over the course of five days by qualified instructors who are also qualified IOSA auditors. Whatever the need, the amount of work involved is enormous, even if you easily pass your routine AOC renewal inspections. These prerequisites vary depending on whether an individual is sponsored by AO audjtor not.

We have conceived the first aviation —related online expert knowledge service connecting actors of the air transport industry with the outside expert world. At the end of the training there is a written exam. You may not need this assistance; much depends on the auxitor and expertise of your own staff.

To register to attend an upcoming IAT course, please click on the Register link for that class. IAT participants experience practical skill training, covering the following general knowledge bodies:.

IOSA Auditor Training (IAT) Course | ACS Group

This course provides modern and active training sessions. Peter is a year aviation professional, a former Technical Pilot and senior airline manager, who now provides guidance and support to commercial air transport and private operators complying through AIT with the requirements of the leading national aviation authorities.


Whatever you decide, if you use Airsource Partners in partnership with Aviation Info Tech you will benefit for the expertise and experience of those who have been through it all themselves.

Each offer sufficient opportunities to practice IOSA auditing in a standardized way, which helps to enforce harmonized IOSA auditor results and provides competence for optimum performance.

In other situations, a successful IOSA audit will help the airline secure more business. Typically, the assigned experts would offer the following service: Airsource Partners has elected to partner with UK-based Aviation Info Tech to provide independent advice from the very start to support you when you most need it.

What could Airsource Partners do to make aviation expertise more accessible to all?