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Strain M was created by transposon mutagenesis of a bsgA mutant followed by screening for strains that could develop despite the absence of the BsgA protease. Thus, we propose a platform technology of implantable and programmable cellular systems, namely Integrated Biocircuits, which use only cells as the functional components of the device.

The absence of natural unicellular, soma-producing species previously prevented these hypotheses from being directly tested in vivo: Full Text Available Due to the high similarity in their requirements for space and food, close bacterial relatives may be each other’s strongest competitors. Motility contributes to C.

Introducción a la Computación by George Beekman

We also show that OME has beneficial fitness consequences to all cells. HSDM1C1-MTS resorbed living explants in the ccomputacion of indomethacin, suggesting that other tumor cell products may also participate in bone resorption. The mechanisms of coping with damage in a social or multicellular context are poorly understood. Complex multicellularityand the cooperation underlying it, has evolved independently multiple times.

Multicellular biofilm formation and surface motility are bacterial behaviors introduccioon mutually exclusive.

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The experimental data showed that multicellular tumor spheroids in stirred growth media were characterized by a diffusion-depleted zone surrounding the spheroids. The presence of secondary wall material indicates that the multicellular spore is a dictyochlamydospore and not an aleuriospore. Implications arising from our conceptual framework become apparent when attempting to partition fitness effects at individual and group levels.

Our results also suggest that DevI transiently inhibits sporulation when regulated normally. Phase separation like dynamics during Myxococcus xanthus fruiting body formation.

These results demonstrate that the unicellular bottleneck, a trait essential for evolving multicellular complexity, can arise rapidly via co-option of the ancestral unicellular form.


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Although bacteria frequently live as unicellular organisms, many spend at least part of their lives in computacon communities, and some have adopted truly multicellular lifestyles and have abandoned unicellular growth.

We propose that KinC responds to lowered intracellular potassium concentration and that this is a quorum-sensing mechanism that enables B. We describe how the evolutionary origins of genes influence lz roles in cancer, and how connections formed between unicellular and multicellular genes that act as key regulatory hubs for normal tissue homeostasis can also contribute to malignant transformation when disrupted.

However, a steeper slope between similarity and distance was found for polychaetes and corals, suggesting a stronger effect of distance on the dispersal of metazoans compared to unicellular taxa.

The development of bacterial biofilms includes both the initial social behavior of undifferentiated cells, as well as cell death and differentiation in the mature biofilm, and displays several striking similarities with higher organisms.

DNA damages, as well as mutations, increase with age.

In biological assays the compounds displayed anti-fungal and cytotoxic activity. We simulate cell sorting, microbial patterning and a bacterial system in soil aggregate as case studies. We used the microarray data to identify a novel operon of eight genes that, when mutated, rendered cells unable to produce viable chemical- or starvation-induced spores.

This zone was elicited by an unstirred layer of medium next to the spheroid leading to a continuous decrease in the PO2 values from the bulk medium towards the spher DNA builds and strengthens the extracellular matrix in Myxococcus xanthus biofilms by interacting with exopolysaccharides. Infectious polymorphic toxins delivered by outer membrane exchange discriminate kin in myxobacteria.

Results We conducted and compared phylogenetic analyses of 16S rDNA sequences from a large sample of taxa representing beeman morphological and genetic diversity of cyanobacteria.

In addition, the problem of peripheral interfaces and cross-strapping is investigated using a purpose-developed, multicellular simulation environment. We describe the form and organization of each primordial group state and consider factors affecting persistence and evolution of the nascent multicellular forms. ParB beeekman ParA are essential for cell viability in M.


Our data as well as the data of other works have been evaluated by means of simple mathematical formulae on the basis of several hypothesis. Semiotic scaffolding of multicellularity. The origin of multicellularity can be considered to be a macroevolutionary transition, for which new gene functions would have been required. Using our own and published data sets on uni- and multicellular organisms, we conducted thorough statistical analyses to test whether 1 unicellular taxa show higher relative local species richness compared to multicellular taxa, 2 unicellular taxa show lower slopes of the species: Sporulation within multicellular fruiting bodies has the benefit of enabling survival in hostile environments, and increases.

Here we present CPD simulation results for the fusion of both spherical and cylindrical multi-cellular aggregates. We find that the relative fitness of aggregates depends markedly on the density of surrounding single cells, i. Adhesion to extracellular matrix ECM is crucially important for survival of normal epithelial cells as detachment from ECM triggers specific apoptosis known as anoikis.

Our results indicate an origin of cyanobacteria before the rise of atmospheric oxygen.

We find that changing geometry is a far more efficient route to large size than evolving increased intercellular adhesion. We suggest that HSD10 protects humans from reactive oxygen species by removing damaged cardiolipin before it induces apoptosis. Analysis of functional gene categories significantly over-represented in the regulated genes, suggested large rearrangements in core metabolic pathways, and in genes involved in protein synthesis and fate.

However, most of the cells travel in groups by using social motility, which is cell contact-dependent and requires a large number of individuals. However, the segregation plane is not well defined and oscillations of the dividing cells are observed.