Book Purchase Options. Printed Book (SECOND EDITiON). Book Cover. Print ISBN: $ As an eBook. Book Cover. Chapter 11 – The ISP Peering Playbook. Introduction. The Graphical Representation of the Plays.. The Internet Service Provider Peering Playbook. Tactic 1. We exercise these definitions with a set of “Internet Transit Playbook” tactics that some of the smartest peering coordinators in the world have used to derive the.

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The Wide Scale Open Peering Policy tactic is an untargeted approach and generally is executed only by Tier 2 ISPs looking to minimize their transit costs by maximizing their peering with other small and medium sized Plabook.

Return to Book Page. DrPeering Blog About Contact. In the Traffic Manipulation tactic, ISPs or content players force traffic along the network path that makes peering appear more cost effective.

See the Sprint v Cogent lawsuit pdf. Second, if the tactic is detected, the Peering Coordinator Community is small enough that everyone in the community hears about it. In this last section we present the tactics used by some of the smartest peering imternet in the world.

Abdulrahman Mustafa marked it as to-read Mar 12, Were there errors or suggestions?

This book models the Internet as a Global Internet Peering Ecosystem, and describes the players, their power position, and the corresponding motivations and, indeed, predictable behavior. We share 20 peering maneuvers that the Peering Coordinator Community has seen effectively used to obtain peering.


This book is the assimilation of thousands of discussions with hundreds of the smartest peering coordinators in the world. The end result was de-peering and operational disruptions for both Genuity and Exodus customers.

About the White Papers Clicking the links will scroll to the section describing the specific Peering tactic. One of the most clever and devious of all the tactics presented is the Traffic Manipulation Tactic.

The Internet Peering Process. Learn more about Amazon Prime. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Since many Peering Coordinators do not do the required traffic analysis to disprove an assertionand the cost of being wrong could be an expensive transit bill, the assertion may be accepted as truth.

This book will prepare you for connecting to the Core of the Internet. Chakif marked it as to-read Mar 15, Melanie interneh it it was amazing Apr 23, A fun read that made it enjoyable to learn all the human and business motivations behind how the Internet works.

The Internet Peering Playbook: Connecting to the Core of the Internet by William B. Norton

Where appropriate, we highlight those tactics that are only applicable for obtaining peering with Tier 2 ISPs. Enabled Amazon Best Sellers Rank: To ask other readers questions about The Internet Peering Playbookplease sign up.


One can understand the protocols, the technologies, and the routing algorithms, but that doesn’t tell the story. They shared some tactics that they have used to obtain peering where they otherwise would not have been able to. Since both ISPs have customers that are suffering from packet loss for example, both parties have some motivation to fix the problem.

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DrPeering Blog About Contact. If you are operating a growing Internet service, it is essential to understand how the Internet Peering Ecosystem works at the core. The section then brings us to the present day by walking through the addition of several key players in the ecosystem.

We finish with the emerging access power peering dynamic. The model is 1 simple, 2 contains few variables, 3 agrees with the observations made around the world, and 4 provides detailed predictions on the behavior of the parties involved at the Internet core. If you have any comments regarding how we could better improve the quality of this pwering, please send an e-mail to feedback DrPeering.