: Murder in Amsterdam: Liberal Europe, Islam, and the Limits of Tolerance (): Ian Buruma: Books. A revelatory look at what happens when political Islam collides with the secular West Ian Buruma’s Murder in Amsterdam is a masterpiece of investigative. Murder in Amsterdam: The Death of Theo Van Gogh and the Limits of Tolerance is a book by Ian Buruma. The Guardian describes it as, “part reportage.

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To face the facts beyond the veil

Not so open-minded readers from either side might be offended or taking sides too early on the debate presented.

Und mit der Antithese den Treibstoff antiwestlicher Polemik und Ideologie. Jan 30, Michelle rated it liked it. Here, we have streakers who get tasered.

Fortuyn war eine umstrittene Figur, galt der traditionellen Linken als Rechtsausleger und war doch nicht so einfach einzuordnen.

Murder in Amsterdam

Survival in Auschwitz Primo Levi. Retrieved 27 January I actually have a better understanding of the major challenges facing Europe with the influx of immigrants as a result of this good read. Having read Imam Samudra’s handwritten memoir, I also doubt his comprehensive understanding about the West whom he hated so much. These were thought to be necessary measures to protect family life.

The Allah-excuse is a feeble one; Bouyeri’s belief that his act was in some way the ‘right’ thing to do nothing more than a delusion. Jul 18, Sarena Straus rated it did not like it. The author addresses the challenges of a historically liberal and tolerant culture. After Bouyeri shot van Gogh, he calmly stood over the body and cut his throat with a curved machete, as if performing a ritual sacrifice, which in a very real sense he was.

When he chimes in, he’s quite astute and perceptive; there’s just not enough of him in thi This book provides a lot of context for “Infidel,” the bestseller by Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Buruma offers an interesting account, and a lot of insight into the Dutch world, but ultimately the van Gogh case isn’t all that revealing. InTheo van Gogh great great something or other of Vincentfilmmaker and professional polemicist was murdered by an Islamic fundamentalist. Buruma, at times, seems a bit conflicted in a thesis for the book.


The ultimate question is: To remain sane, these successive generations long for the security of a paradise lost. Although a number of reviewers talk about Buruma’s contribution in terms of illuminating the politics of Islam, immigration, etc.

Meanwhile, his murderer, Mohammed Bouyeri, was a youth who for a time seemed to have some potential to become a productive member of society but instead became radicalized, embracing Islam, and coming to take it very, very seriously — arguably because he could not find his place in Dutch society although he seems always to have had what can be called anger management issues — i.

The right to speak you I believe in freedom of speech. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I look forward to reading more by Ian Buruma.

Murder in Amsterdam – Wikipedia

Ian Buruma returns to his native land to explore the great dilemma of our time through the story of the brutal murder of controversial Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh at the hands of an Islamic extremist. I expect well written, intelligent books to help clear away confusion, but when it comes liberalism, Islam and tolerance, this one only added to mine.

The church, to be kept separate, then was Christian — be it Catholic or Calvinistic — today it is Islam. Amstervam of it were fascinating to me, but I felt like I was slogging thru much of the book.

Murder in Amsterdam – Ian Buruma

It shows the edges that collides between the two sides. Assassinio a Amsterdam – Italia. Buruma’s book is a thought provoking and good analysis. I’d like to write on this, need some more time to compose my thoughts. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want amsetrdam read.

Exploiting the tensions between native-born Dutch and Muslim immigrants, van Gogh drew attention to himself with deliberately inflammatory political theater murddr escalated beyond control. Since his death, what Buruma calls the ‘Friends of Theo’ have sought to portray him as standing for Enlightenment values: Books by Ian Buruma. Still, given rapidly changing circumstances economic, social, educational, and others it’s unclear what lessons can be leant — or might be applicable — from this even in just the near future.


The case is too clear-cut: I bet you’ve got one and I bet you’ve been asked, because you can’t pass a water-cooler without being hauled over to join the controversy.

But the great strength of Buruma’s book, murcer is part reportage, part essay, is to demonstrate that such stark oppositions are not only inadequate to describe what is happening, but liable to inflame hostility to a degree that will become unbearable for us all. Ale jest ciekawie, aktualnie i na czasie: I’m able to appreciate how Buruma walks a very tricky line but I feel he’s being a rather innocuous victim of his own crime.

murdfr On a cold November day in Amsterdam, an angry young Muslim man, Mohammed Bouyeri, the son of Moroccan immigrants, shot and killed the celebrated and controversial Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, great-grandnephew of Vincent and jn European provocateur, for making a movie with the vocally anti-Islam Somali-born Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali that “blasphemed” Islam.

This Utterly brilliant investigation of the tension between the liberal Enlightenment values particularly tolerance for others’ beliefs prevalent in European government and the need for institutional response to a growing group of immigrants who do not share those values. I have seen many complications towards individuals dealing with the issues, both from the immigrants and the host people.

His perspective is questionable as although he is Dutch, he amstdrdam lived in the Netherlands since the ‘s.

I could barely put this book down. The right to speak your mind is a very important right. Fairly in depth investigation and analysis of the societal collision of liberal Holland and Muslim culture in the form of immigrants and refugees! Views Read Edit View history.