world-class technical training Are your company’s technical training needs being addressed in the most effective manner? MindShare has. HyperTransport Interconnect Technology Figure Classic PCI North-South Bridge System CPU Video VMI BIOS (Video Module I/F) FSB CCIR D Host. HyperTransport Specifications Emerge, 45 nm AMD CPUs Support it. by e.g motherboard, chips etc. then the Quick path interconnect made by Intel. be sold to third parties but its most deployable by amd`s technology.

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Recently, co-processors such as FPGAs have appeared that can access the HyperTransport bus and become first-class citizens on the motherboard. HyperTransport is packet -based, where each packet consists of a set of bit words, regardless of the physical width of the link.

Books in the series are intended for use by hardware and software designers, programmers, and support personnel. This means that changes in processor sleep states C states can signal changes in device states D statese.

Retrieved from ” https: The primary use for HyperTransport is to replace the Intel-defined front-side buswhich is different for every type of Intel processor. Many packets contain a bit address. Interfaces are listed by their speed in the roughly ascending order, so the interface at the end of each section should be the fastest. AMD started an initiative named Torrenza on September 21, to further promote the usage of HyperTransport for plug-in cards and coprocessors.


The latest version, HyperTransport 3. The operating frequency is autonegotiated with the motherboard chipset North Bridge in current computing. It serves as the central interconnect technology for nearly all of AMDs microprocessors as well as for a rich ecosystem of other microprocessors, system controllers, graphics processors, network processors, and communications semiconductors.


The current specification HTX3. A connector specification that allows a slot-based peripheral to have direct connection to a microprocessor using a HyperTransport interface was released by the HyperTransport Consortium. This book is a must-have for anyone in the semiconductor and system industries who is either working with or exploring the potential of working with HyperTransport technology.

The data payload is sent after the control packet. Universal Serial Bus System Architecture.

It is a high-speed, low latency, point-to-point, packetized link. It is also a DDR or ” double data rate ” connection, meaning it sends data on both the rising and falling edges of the clock signal. It also supports link splitting, where a single bit link can be divided into two 8-bit links. While HyperTransport itself is capable of bit width links, that width is not currently utilized by any AMD processors.

MindShare – HyperTransport Interconnect Technology

He has authored 14 books covering various aspects of computer hardware and system design. Archived from the original Imterconnect on Views Read Edit View history. Jay Trodden is an electrical engineer with over 15 years experience in electronics hardware design.

Links of various widths can be mixed together in a single system configuration as in one bit link to another CPU and one 8-bit link to a peripheral device, which allows for a wider interconnect between CPUsand a lower bandwidth interconnect to peripherals as appropriate. This is usually used for high bandwidth devices such as uniform memory access traffic or direct memory access transfers. It is scalable, error tolerant, and designed for ease fechnology use. Get the MindShare Library.


With extensive new content authored by Brian Holden, the long-time technical chair of the HyperTransport Consortium, the book is a personal trainer that effortlessly walks the reader through HyperTransport’s strong set of features and rich potential.

Add to that Please visit the HyperTransport Consortium’s website www. For the past 10 years he has been teaching and developing courses on processors and IO bus architectures for MindShare.

Retrieved 24 May There are two kinds of write commands supported: There has been some marketing confusion between the use of HT referring to H yper T ransport and the later use of HT to refer to Intel ‘s Hyper-Threading feature on some Pentium 4 -based and the newer Nehalem and Westmere-based Intel Core microprocessors.

HyperTransport comes in four versions—1. The number of bit times required depends on the link width. For instance, a 3.11 cannot be plugged into a PCI Express bus directly, but must first go through an adapter to expand the system. Reads also require a response, containing the read data. Computer buses Macintosh internals Intedconnect buses.

Companies such as XtremeData, Inc. The first word in a packet always contains a command field.

HyperTransport can also be used as a bus in routers and switches.