Hindutva: Who is a Hindu? is an pamphlet by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. Originally published under the title Essentials Of Hindutva in , it was retitled . And later the Hindu Mahasabha took it as its official definition of Hindutva. When Savarkar was freed from prisons in all Hindus rallied around him under. Hindutva [V.D. Savarkar] on by V.D. Savarkar (Author) . more about the meaning of Hindutva as defined by the great Veer Savarkar himself.

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Long live Hindu Nationalism. In the first place you are to establish powerful centres. Hindutva “Hinduness”a term popularised by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar init is the predominant form of Hindu nationalism in India. If the holy land and Father land are different ones for the people living in India or for that matter for the people of any Nation, the allegiance of such groups is torn between these two extremes.

The Arabs had entered Sindh and single- handed they could do little else, They soon failed to defend their own independence in their homeland and as a people we hear nothing further about them. Because of his co-opera- tion and determination I have been able to publish this edition 1 1 have no words to thank him!!

Hindusthan meaning the land of Hindus, the first essential of Hindutva must ver be this geographical one. Savaroar was disheartening in the extreme to find the Rajputs — the ancient shieLd of Hindutva — shedding their blood and the blood of hinfutva co-religionists and brother Hindus that the Mohammedans might win!

Thus it is probable that many names given to these great rivers by the original inhabitants of the soil may have been sanskritised and adopted by the Aryans. But how could I give effect to them? Why was India stabbed in the back by muslim league? There was a perfect chaos raging in India at that time as regards this problem which owing to the controversy in connection with communal representation assumed an acutely Political aspect.


They had formally to renounce all ulterior national aims against India and give a pledge that they would never again enter India with any political end in view. These have been our frontiers from the times of Pandavas down to those of Vikramaditya.

What happened to afghan hindus? It was an act of great diplomacy, for his demand caused a stir in Ame- rica. Some of us worship Rama as an incarnation, some admire him as a hero and a 94 HINDUTVA warrior, and all love hi m as the most illustrious represen- tative monarch of our race.

Veer Savarkar: The man credited with creating Hindutva didn’t want it restricted to Hindus

Savarkar asks painful questions but then also shows a way. Not Enabled Word Wise: In savarar, Savarkar wrote the foreword to a book by the Nazi sympathiser and European-born Hindu revivalist who called herself Savitri Devi.

From the Vedic story of Satyakama Jabali to Mahadaji Shinde every page of our history shows that the ancient Ganges of our blood has come down from the altitudes of the sublime Vedic heights to the plains of our modern history fertilizing much, incorporating many a noble stream and purifying many a lost soul, increasing in volume and richness, defying the danger of being lost in bogs and sands and flows to-day refreshed and reinvigorated more than ever.

He led the movement for the xiii freedom and integrity of India. The giant struggle of the Kurus, the set duels of Arjun and Kama, of Bhcem and Dusshasan that took hlndutva on the field of Kuru- kshetra thousands of years ago, are rehearsed in all their thrill from cottage to cottage and from palace to palace.

The possession of a slip of paper even an inch long was sure to get the culprit in hand-cuffs for a week. Originally published under the title Essentials Of Hindutva init was retitled Hindutva: Political parties pertaining to the Hindutva ideology are not limited to the Sangh Parivar. But while these great deeds were being achieved the Aryans had developed to suit their individualistic tendencies and the demands of their new environments a policy that was but loosely centralised.


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The necessity of political and diplo- matic correspondence with various states, who knew us as Hindus or Indus, must also have, by making it incumbent on our people to respond to it, revived the use of this epithet first side by side with and then at times even instead of the name Bharatkhand.

June 29, Sold by: Surely out people were not quite such strangers either to the Arabic or Persian tongues! As regards the contents, everything depends on savarjar point of view.

Because we had won we thought it had been an easy 70 HINDUTVA This one single letter penned with such ease and grace gives a truer expression to the spirit of our history than many a dull volume had done. Hinduism is only a derivative, hindutvz fraction, a part of Hindutva.

Secondly, independently of that, the general trend of our history as shown points to some such state of affairs.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Vfer. But before we can do that, k is imperative to point out that we are by no means attempting a definition or even a description of the more limited, less satisfactory and essentially sectarian term Hinduism. List of nationalist organizations. I told him that he had expressed the very feelings that I and many others had in their hearts.

Why did they submit voluntarily to the national insult only in the case of the other epithets Hindusthan and Hindu? Heroes of such pre-eminent prowess that the like of them have not been born.

The Brotherhood in Saffron: And then these things are possible.