De Garengeot hernias are femoral hernias that contain the appendix. It is a rare phenomenon, with only 1% of all femoral hernias containing the appendix (and. De Garengeot hernia should be suspected in an elderly woman presenting with signs and symptoms of a strangulated hernia. The differential. Images in Clinical Medicine from The New England Journal of Medicine — De Garengeot’s Hernia.

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The differential diagnosis of a localized abscess of uncertain origin was also considered. Risk factors include a long pelvic appendix, abnormal embryological bowel rotation, and a large mobile caecum.

Our cases are the first ones where oral plus intravenous contrast was used for the CT scan, which helped to demonstrate the lack of small and large bowel involvement in the hernia. Consent Written informed consent was obtained from the patient for publication of this case reportand accompanying images.

It is a rare entity that has fewer than cases reported in literature. Oliveira — data collections, literature review. A major portion of the appendix was seen to pass through a defect adjacent to the inguinal ligament.

De Garengeot Hernia

In Maingot R, editor. We report the successful management of a year-old lady who presented with acute onset of a right groin mass and tenderness, which turned out to be heria incarcerated femoral hernia containing an inflamed appendix. A combined approach in which appendectomy was done laparoscopically and the hernia correction by open surgery was recently described for the first time.


The major part of the appendix passed through the femoral orifice Fig. Preoperative abdominal CT image of the patient. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Her abdomen was soft and nontender; there was a palpable, nonerythematous lump garehgeot the right groin which was tender to touch and irreducible.

The patient is usually an elderly female with a few days’ history of a painful groin swelling, suggestive of an incarcerated hernia or a groin abscess. Her past medical history was significant for hypertension, gastroesophageal reflux disease GERDand right inguinal hernia repair 30 years before. Regarding the use of polypropylene mesh there is consensus that if there is no abscess or appendix perforation it is possible to use it without increasing chances of infection or hernia recurrence [7].

At six-month follow-up patient did not have any postoperative complications. The reduction of the caecum back into the abdominal cavity proved challenging due to the narrowness of the femoral hernia defect which was therefore dilated, enabling the caecum to be manually reduced.

A groin ultrasound scan showed an approximately 5. The postoperative recovery was uneventful. She denied fevers, nausea, vomiting, change in bowel habits, or any urinary symptoms and did not have any recent trauma.

Cured by Da Vinci Xi: Acute suppurative appendicitis occurring within femoral hernia: Femoral hernia is more common in women, especially in postmenopausal women. A year-old lady presented to the emergency room with a right groin mass that had appeared suddenly 4 days before and then gradually increased in size. The preoperative diagnosis of de Garengeot hernia was known to be difficult. Hernia of the vermiform appendix.


With increasing published case reports it may be possible to systematically review the cases and reach a consensus as to what the optimal surgical management may be.

De Garengeot hernia | Radiology Reference Article |

Computerized tomography can help defining the preoperative diagnosis and surgical planning as well, but it does not change the surgical approach that is indicated to cases of incarcerated hernia.

Although some authors have reported successful mesh repairs per infra-inguinal incision performed in the presence of appendicitis, we insist that the surgical site of hernioplasty should not be contaminated.

Very rarely the appendix can also herniate via the left groin [ 714 ]. Hernja then turned our attention to the right inguinal swelling. Case report JD, male, 86 years, referred to the emergency department of a reference service in General Surgery with complaints of painful bulging in the right inguinal region during the last four days.

De Garengeot hernia: Case report and review

Emergency repair of Morgagni hernia with partial gastric volvulus: Computed tomography revealed an incarcerated appendix, with appendicitis in the femoral hernia. Abstract Background and Objectives: Stratification of surgical site infection by operative factors and comparison of infection rates after hernia repair.

Table of Contents Alerts. McVayMD, and J. Subsequently, laparoscopic appendectomy was performed.