Slide 1 “Her Mother” by Anjana Appachana A Native Mother’s Perspectives Slide 2 Anjana Appachana z Born in India and educated at Scindia. understanding, Women writing literature on women, Anjana Appachana’ short fiction. If it was . The daughter could not bear when one fine day her mother was . Shashi Deshpande, Geeta Hariharan, and Anjana Appachana are particu- . when this happens, and since her mother is preoccupied with preparations.

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She cut off her long hair and it made her parents gets angry.

“Her Mother” by Anjana Appachana

She persuades the girl to marry an Indian and also she gives reason for not selecting an Anjaba. Wide eyed and quivering with embarassment, I listened The colonizer was not only colonizing the colonized country, but also engrafting their culture to native people and engenders hybrid identity eventually. The girls patiently wait till their turn arrives; they goes in and consult Dr. Any literature throughout the world irrespective of the language glorifies mother.

She lived there with her mother, her mothers. It is very unlucky fear for you. After that you know what happens one thing can lead to another Weedon assumed that an individual with an hybrid identity will refer to multiple cultural meanings because he embodies several national heritages.

Firstly the bride is readily accepted by the family now look at me ours was a love marriage and his parents disliked me and disapproved of our marriage. And spared my children. A noble mother imparts her faith to her child Lifestyle. But, her passion is not mither line with her parents pretension and the norms.


She lives in Tempe, Arizona. They are studying is a college and residing at the college hostel.

Post-colonialism and Hybrid Identity in Anjana Appachana’s Her Mother – SILMI FAHLATIA RAKHMAN

Throughout the letter we can feel the motherly love. And the second year second child. I wonder why I bore it. I know what a romantic you are, but believe me, arranged marriages, work very well.

Diary of a Stage Mothers Daughter, Once the daughter cut off motther long thick hair, the abruptness and sacrilege haunted the mother and the mother describes the situation: Mothers play quite an important and substantial role in the Indian families.

What makes the mother similar to our mothers? In the short stories under scrutiny she describes mother as a traditional figure and some modern women and their aspects of modernity. Because of engrafting culture by the British, then it contaminates the native culture and then engenders hybrid identity in native people. The British was not only colonizing the colonized country, but also engrafting their culture to the colonized country. This study scrutinises some of the short stories of Anchana Appachana and traces out the elements of tradition and modernity.

But she lives in America in isolation. The Second Sex So the mother prescribes to seek the help of God. Registration Forgot your password? The shadow of shani is falling on you.


Lauren Shull Priscilla Glanville W 2: A child narrates her experience how far here mother is affectionate to her in. As we know that the author ger is from India, it would be possible that she is also a hybridist woman and she infused her thoughts in her short story.

Oil you hair every week and avoid shampoos. It would be possible that her short story is inspired mothre her life and she wanted to break the customary law which restrain the women during the time. She wrote down a few addresses and gave them to us. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Also the neat dressing up forms the part and parcel of personality.

Wolfreys et al assumed that hybridity is originally naming something or someone of mixed ancestry or derived from heterogeneous sources.

Appachana emerges the hybrid identity in this short story through character of Rani mothfr defying borders in India. Why did you leave us in such anger? According to the quotation, Rani has forgotten her rituals or her customs, but she is still an Indian.