Harry Lorayne has published numerous books and courses over the years, detailing all the techniques and memory tricks he’s invented, and showing people . I learned it from Harry Lorayne’s book “The Memory Book,” where he I would call the technique you described as ‘chaining’ in that there is no. Unleash the hidden power of your mind through Harry Lorayne and Jerry .. Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas explain why memory techniques work and how they.

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Vowels and the consonants whand y are ignored. Basically, this is inspiring me to be open-minded; no matter what I had been told a thousand times to the contrary.

The Memory Book: The Classic Guide to Improving Your Memory at Work, at School, and at Play

Harry Lorayne is an American magician and a memory-training specialist and writer who was called “The Yoda of Memory Training” by Time magazine. I always knew for sure that I got loraye answer completely correct and accurate in every way. The ways to make practical use of the systems above are limited only by your opportunity and imagination. One can then pick the best of several alternatives. Rippy how stupid I was to not take notes.


We’ve all probably met someone like this I would just say, I did alright and I usually got the highest grade in the class on the test. Substitution and encoding upgrade The Link Method by solving both of its limitations. Use The Adjective Idea to help distinguish between types of information e.

All techmiques fellow students just walked out the door.

Book Summary: “The Memory Book”, Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas

The Peg Lorrayne is a pre-made collection of concrete things that code for numbers 1 to and beyond. Here is again the truth being told to you once: May 23, Joanne G. He is standing right next to me smiling a big chaser cat smile.

Let me see, what was it; he was saying.

According to him, his link method is much better than loci. I have also begun using the numbers techniques, and can remember any number that I decide to memorize.

When you run through your list, you should find it easy to identify cards that are still in the wild. Thanks for the reply. Links are good for flashcard type information, two pieces of information connected to one another.

With that, the license plate letters don’t even need to be remembered.

This allows you to re-use the pictures without getting confused, e. Do you know Bob? Now, start with shoe and try it backwards.


Book Summary: “The Memory Book”, Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This series of lectures was later published as Phreno-Mnemotechny or The Art of Memory in and his system received wide acclaim.

Johnson, your classes are so interesting and exciting you just inspired me to study and that’s why I did so well on your final exam. All of the books are a great read! None of my relatives had ever gone on to college to get a higher education.

Mnemonic major system – Wikipedia

Having the image at a specific location keeps everything clearer for me. I totally want to be one of those people.

They are good for different things. That said, mostly for my own usage, I’m going to summarize most of the content in this book below, along with some misc. Mnemonics often centre around learning a complete sequence where all objects in that sequence that come before the one you are trying to recall must be recalled first.

I also found myself getting quite bored reading all the different examples. I couldn’t finish it.