When you first see Israel Aircraft Industries’ Harop drone, the “Star Trek” . munition” was being fielded just for this purpose—the IAI Harpy. IAI UAVs. HARPY is a lethal UAV designed to detect, attack and destroy radar emitters. Harpy is a “Fire-and-Forget” all-weather, day/night autonomous weapon . The IAI Harop is a disposable half-UAV, half-missile drone system with inherent noted the presented statistics below pertain to the IAI Harop (Harpy) model.

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The drone is equipped with an electro-optical thermal camera and is vertically launched from a harrpy launcher. It was an ingenious and cost-effective weapon system, albeit a one-trick-pony and more of a fire-and-forget SEAD missile than a reusable unmanned aircraft with a propensity toward suicide.

It was the first time western hardware had totally eradicated a Soviet-designed and furnished integrated air defense network. Retrieved 14 June — via HighBeam Research.

Meet Israel’s ‘Suicide Squad’ of Self-Sacrificing Drones

The new Harpy can better detect radars because of the expansion of bandwidth installed, whose frequency range was lowered. However, on 6 NovemberIsrael stated that it has been re-admitted into the program. IAI said that the Green Dragon is actually an electric silent loitering munition that can harph for up to 90 minutes, during which time the operator can collect and attack targets at a range of up to 40 kilometers. It will be cheaper and have a shorter endurance of 2—3 hours to hzrpy used tactically against time-critical targets or ones that hide and re-appear.

It is, in essence, a hunting missile driven by a ground-based kav representative. Azerbaijan; Israel; Kazakhstan; Turkey; Uzbekistan. It carries a high explosive warhead. The munition gives the operator the option to stop the attack at any stage and get back to the task of intelligence collection to prevent collateral damage.


In fact, Israel has its own version of this system, the ROTEMand they even have another, larger system, the Green Dragonthat is also forward-deployed with troops, but with more capabilities and endurance. Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft: It is also not restricted to over-land attacks of stationary targets for it can be equally unleashed on moving, ocean-going targets over-water. In just a matter of hours, it did just that.

IAI Harpy – Wikipedia

Retrieved 6 April By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It can thus cover enormous distances. Externally, the Harop appears as a sort of science fiction fighter aircraft. The tactics helped blunt Israeli combat aircraft losses, and clearly, the IAF knew they were onto uarpy. Areas covered include general ratings, speed assessments, and relative ranges based on distances between major cities.

All articles with vague or ambiguous time Vague or ambiguous time from May Commons category link from Wikidata Articles with Iav external links. Rather than holding a separate high-explosive warheadthe drone itself is the main munition.

Nesher Kfir Nammer Lavi. Israeli unmanned air vehicles were even stationed over Syrian airfields to watch as MiGs took to the skies. The Harop is designed with an abort feature that will quickly allow the aircraft to break its engagement diving envelope if need be and return to its scouting role in short order. Images marked with “www. Lessons learned from the conflict also figured heavily into future American combat air operations.

The aircraft is launched from hapry prepared container and extends its outboard wing sections upon launch. Tells Israel” — via Haaretz. This page was last edited on 20 Mayat This anti-radiation drone is designed to target enemy air-defense systems in a first line of attack, as the small drone with its hadpy radar cross-section can evade SAMs and radar detection systems which are designed to target much larger aircraft or to intercept fixed-trajectory missiles. Arava Seascan Tzukit [1].


In the late s, Israel began working on a follow-on to the Harpy. If a target is not engaged, the drone will return and land itself back at base. Aircraft and missiles produced by Israel Aerospace Industries. Canard foreplanes are also featured along the nose section. It is an anti-radiation drone that can autonomously home in on radio emissions.

In this fashion, the Harop is a complete “hunter-killer” UCAV system that can loiter in a given area, survey enemy movements, and hunt for critical targets. Retrieved 6 April — via YouTube. The Times Of India. Its bulbous nose assembly harppy the warhead as well as the optics set under the chin.

The name of the uxv model, revealed at the end of a development process that took more than two years, is the Harpy NG, and is considered the next generation of what IAI terms its “loitering attack systems”, referring to these models’ ability to loiter over a target before destorying it.

According to Israel, the Harpy is an indigenously designed loitering munitions. Don’t forget to sign up.