See what items on eBay consist of an interesting Graupner MC 24 collection. Join coupe-freak to create inspiring collections on eBay!. RC Jets – Transmitter Graupner MC24 – Hi Guys Does anyone use the Graupner MC24 for there jet transmitter. MY Futuba 9Z is out of channels. MC Kofferset 41 MHz Graupner günstig✓ & schnell✓ im geprüften OnlineShop bestellen! Riesen Auswahl mit über Artikeln.

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Graupner MC 24 collection on eBay!

I have a MPX and have and have woundered how you fly or drive anything when things are in a differnt place. Send a private message to lov2flyrc. MC24 owners claim it is better than the Mpx but whenever I ask them can it do this, can it do that because I am genuinely interested they shut up and never reply.

Personnaly, I prefer PCM modulation for jets, and appreciate the 10 channel capability. The MC24 is a fine radio, the design is about 2 or 3 years newer than thebut its users’ refusal to confirm what it can do leaves us guessing, whereas owners are happy to confirm what the can do. I used to have an MC24 and had to replace landing gear on every other landing, as I could not get used to tray type.

Mar 04, Secondary lap timer can be automatically over-ridden by up to 5 auxiliary timers which are dependent on the program and flight phase selected, e.

Send a private message to Woketman. I reccomend it all the way I’ve been using it now for 4 yrs and nothing but great experience with it.

So far, this system has proven flawless. This happens every grahpner a vs MC24 thread appears which makes me wonder if the MC24 can take on the since its users always, without fail, disappear as soon as the hard questions are asked. This should not be the case with such a well made product. But to be honest every time I ask them a question they don’t seem very knowlegable.


Have a good fly anyway. I know HarryC is very compentet with the Profi bells and wistles, now we need to find someone equally good with the MC Fly all my models mode 1 but will test a mode 2 for some one. Are servos plugs compatible?

MC-24 Kofferset 41 MHz Graupner 4842.41

The latest software contains all imaginable mixing possibilities for both planes and helicopter in the same package. What matters to your hands is not how wide the case is, but how far in from the edge the sticks have been placed, because thats the distance that your thumb has to cover.

Is it a graupnrr Profi ?

Fail-Safe settings variable separately for each servo. Adjustable LCD screen contrast. The “tray only” perception of these radios is baloney. I too fly the Profi thumbs only. It seems a lost marketing opportunity to try and sell this great product without proper instructions. Visit Darryl Usher’s homepage! Still I feel it is easier to program than most other brands, very similar to the JR 10x.

Yes I am still banging on about he English manual! This is totally multiplexed, no it’s not the PCM9, this one is made by JR for Graupner to run on a microprocessor and it’s fully upgradable, like the MC24, but you have to send it to Graupner for upgrades. Find More Posts by sky-pirate.

This configuration included the Graupner Alu case. I have never bothered resetting the centers when in 12 channel mode and have never had an issue.

Graupner,MC Kofferset 41 MHz, – Hobbydirekt

I use the switches on top of the sticks mf24 flight phases for helocopters and grahpner flaps and gear for jets and other airplanes. Do you know from your club-mates radios if the MC24 allows free assigning of all channels like Multiplex does, does it have multiplex style mixing, or is it based on the Asian method of dictating fixed links between controls and channels, and doing master to slave mixing for even simple things like 2 ailerons?


This rx had to be ordered specific for Graupner graupenr, as their 12 channel system differs from MPX’s. Strykaas, I have used all brands of servos, but mostly MPX digitals on critical, high load functions. Thanks for your help Ian. A successor will take some developing so if the is indeed cancelled in the near future there is likely to be a long gap, if indeed the new owner lets them develop a new one. Remember Me Forgot Password?

I love the mAh in my MC Can anybody out there tell me basic differences beween the Mc22 vs Mc24 as far as the stock units? Maybe the MC24 guys can refute this. I some time use a neck strap and some times not. The tray type TXs do graupndr fit a thumb pilot, you need to fly with the sticks between thumb and index finger. This gives me hands-on control with the most graupnerr functions. The MC24 is a tray tranny and if you are used to fly thumbs, you’ll have a lot of trouble to change habits, especially during landings.

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