LOUIS BRAWLEY didn’t want me to call this week’s entry a “teaching”. extraordinary memoir of his days with U.G. Krishnamurti, Goner: The. Louis Brawley met UG Krishnamurti in and spent the following five years travelling with him in the USA, India and Europe keeping a. We are excited to welcome artist Louis Brawley to Scripps campus for of 89 and Louis spent the next three years writing a book called Goner.

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Thanks for writing it.

At eye level, there was the brown square leg of the dining room table; on my left, the couch that was also my bed.

You mentioned in an interview that U. That seems to be something inside myself goneg recognize. Take a gun and shoot yourself!!!!!

Using the vocabulary that I have acquired since, I would now say that I had become aware of myself and loui myself as a center of consciousness. Also i wanted to compliment you on the candid way you bring about all the ups and bralwey of your love life. So, let me amend that: I think UG gave me the biggest brwwley by simply showing me that by writing I can show my appreciation of the humor and struggle we are all in whether we like it or not.

Right now I am roaming alone through South Europe, provided by a disability fund for depression I receive from my country.

There are several very good books, one recently republished by Non-Duality is Courage to Stand Alone, which was recently re-edited by the original editor Ellen Chrystal, to remove her previous inserted comments. Hey Buster oh sorry St.


It is just temporary relief in my opinion which gives us the feeling that we are touching life but in fact the thoughts are still functioning in the forefront instead of letting the body takes its natural course. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. You’ll also learn about the Living Inquiries, brasley process of self-inquiry developed by Scott Kiloby to target the beliefs, trauma, compulsions, and triggers that keep you trapped in the cycle of suffering and seeking.


The thought that he explains about suffering is so brutal and yet so full of truth,it took a new meaning explained by you. Real anger cuts to the chase. Much thanks for your opinion.

I wasted all of my twenties reading spiritual trash when i could have used that energy to learn something useful. You write very well. Hey, thanks oouis the Goon song Branko! He is brawpey to begin the edit this spring. I notice with the scene in which he is surprised by his own tears that I want to take it and say so THAT was it, the truth. What he was saying hit me too, like a ton of bricks and I realized what he was saying was true, although I felt like the very life was being shaken out of me.

Anything you do to avoid this feeling is kinda like taking a drug anyway. Hope sales are fantastic and you continue to write about UG or anything else. Anyways, I do have a small question that came to my mind and it is a bit frivolous. OK, I get it. Just practicing asanas regularly, nothing about meditation, trying to get moksha and stupid things, of course. Plus whenever Brawkey write about UG to people who have met him, I find myself really censoring myself: Man, who knew that could happen?

Somewhere, maybe it was in Goner or maybe in The Natural State, he talks about how we separate ourselves from anger. His book, in the trajectory of UG life, describes the last years of his life, but more than that, it gives you a sense of how UG was.



Jure Godler added it Dec 15, Questions about what his opinion was about yoner or that, etc etc. Truth in its raw form,in this society will make you toss like a ship in the storm. An acne solution and easy diet, all in one. My response was specifically to Tkar.

Jorge Nuche marked it as to-read May 30, I suppose that young animals, as they become aware of the world around them, also recognize their den, their mother, their surroundings, without having a clear awareness of their own individual existence. A few months ago my companion dog of almost 18 years was put in sleep a softer way of saying releasing from her bodily pain and it was and is devastating still. Good to know UG is still being talked about I gave away all the books about him as some visitors find him disturbing , Wiesrd things have happened to me too.

Thanks for your honesty and sharing what you remember. Or, is it you building a complex picture of ideas and interpreting that to be what it may have been like to have been around someone like UG?

And, there is still the drug of reading: Or be with my misery? Besides, you are not obliged to listen those people or pay the ticket to see the works of arts. You are so lucky that you spent time with him when he was alive.

It will surely remind you of UG. Which may be the UG gonet Maybe not by you, but others will.